Rossta 00:41 29 Sep 2006

Hello everybody I just put together a computer but when I turn it on it doesn't seem to connect to the harddrive, graphics card, or the cd-rom.I think it has something to do with the motherboard but I don't know what. If you have any ideas I would appreciate a reply. Thank you.


  sean-278262 00:50 29 Sep 2006

A bit more than "it doesnt work" helps.

What equipment do you have?
Any sounds?
How old are the parts?
Do things work in another system?
What do you see on screen?
Is the screen actually working?

All of these things you should tell us in the first post.

  sean-278262 00:50 29 Sep 2006

And the most important one,

Have you read the manual!

  HXP 00:53 29 Sep 2006

This is all a bit basic so apologies if not helpful. having changed a mboard myself though it is plug in and go

When you power this up case fan should start up so if this is happening you should then see cpu fan spinning.

If that is all happening you should see bios screen start up on monitor.If not then it is back to checking mboard connectors as looks like no power to board.

If it does fire up the bios will ' beep ' if there is a problem and the notherboard manual should indicate what this means.

If that does not happen then prob best to unplug everything and start again from scratch.

Make sure mboard is clear of case - it should have some plastic ' feet ' to keep it away from the case.Motherboard bottom must not touch case.

Check CPU seated properly that can cause non start of PC

If it is not that bit stumped could be faulty PSU or Mboard - but something should spin up otherwise.

  Rossta 03:06 02 Oct 2006

I have an N-frocee3-a motherboard. No sounds nothing on screen. Everything is running in the tower but the motherboard won't connect to it. The monitor works. Motherboard is 1 year old as well as the processor. Everything else is brandnew. peace out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:49 02 Oct 2006

4 pin plug next to CPU plugged in?

  Rossta 21:21 02 Oct 2006

The computer starts up and everything the fan for the CPU starts the hdd starts the Graphics card starts but nothing connect. No picture. cd-rom doesn't open. Nothin.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 02 Oct 2006

Graphics card starts assume you mean fan on card?

if 4 pin plug in

then remove / refit graphics card retry.

  woodchip 22:01 02 Oct 2006

First things first, remove all cards other than Graphics, Remove all Cable connectores from Drives. then see if it will show anything on screen when you start, also does it beep on start or have you not connected the front connectores right?????

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