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  woodchip 19:47 29 Jul 2006

AS anybody had this or knows a solution. I Run my BT line on a Extension from front door Multi Wire two for BB and two for phone from Filter at door, this extension is about85 to 90ft long terminate in phone socket and BB socket. I then plug a Phone splitter socket into filter that is connected to phone socket , then I have a extension cable that goes back down stairs through ceiling another about twenty six feet with phone on end, this phone works OK, but the other phone that plugs into the two way socket splitter, when the phone rings the ringer does not work as it should and there is a clicking on the phone and I cannot answer it from near my comp, I cannot hear the other end. This is just the same no matter what phone I connect to this Splitter I can change it to other side of splitter socket but just the same. Outgoing calls are not a problem from this phone

  Stuartli 20:01 29 Jul 2006

Why do you have to run an extension cable back down the stairs?

Are you in flats or a self-contained property?

If self-contained, a main cordless DECT phone downstairs and extension DECT phones elsewhere might solve the problem.

However, you may be exceeding the REN figure because of some many variables.

  Stuartli 20:01 29 Jul 2006

..with your present setup.

  Graham ® 20:17 29 Jul 2006

So you have a filter by the door and a filter upstairs into which you plug a splitter. If the cable only has two wires for the phone, the ringing circuit is coming from the upstairs filter.

Does the phone upstairs ring if you unplug the extension cable that goes back downstairs?

  Stuartli 20:45 29 Jul 2006

>>a filter upstairs into which you plug a splitter>>

This is only a guess, but I think woodchip may mean a double output telephone adapter rather than an ADSL splitter in this case.

  Themaestro023 21:16 29 Jul 2006

All telephone inlets in houses in England have a REN of 3. Basically this means that if you plug any three phones/computers/faxes or any such into your inlet then they will work/ring. If you extend the line (ie. extension leads) then one or more will not have the power to ring or gain a signal. Either get some DECT phones, so your base (inlet) has only one line being used, then use one extension lead to your comp. Or, pay BT to put another socket in, nearer to where you need it.

  woodchip 21:51 29 Jul 2006

Yes double output telephone adapter. If I unplug the downstairs one it is still the same I don't think it's Ren as the farthest away should be the one not working surely
When I say ringer I mean it does not ring like the phone down stairs, although phones are identical. I have tried other phones. What gets me is that the one in the kitchen is using the same two wires although on added extension cable

  Graham ® 23:06 29 Jul 2006

OK, you have a line reversal on the upstairs phone. If these are plug-in devices, one of them has the reversal.

Can you check them with a meter?

See if this is any help click here

  Stuartli 23:12 29 Jul 2006

My understanding is that the REN is four - in fact I run at least five devices and all work OK.


This again is only a guess, but are you sure that you have a standard double telephone adapter for the extension backtracking downstairs?

I have several such adapters, but one of them is a Privacy adapter and looks exactly like the standard version.

I used to use it for dialup internet access with the adapter plugged into the Master Socket - one adapter socket was used for the main cordless phone and the other for the dialup modem's telephone extension lead.

The beauty of it was that if I was using the Internet no one could cut me off by picking up a phone and attempting to dial a number and vice versa.

It also cut off the extension phones if anyone was on the main cordless phone, thus preventing unwanted listening in to a conversation. Hence the Privacy tag for the adapter.

  Meshuga 03:30 30 Jul 2006

Stuartli is correct in saying that the maximum REN is 4. I have 6 phones + satelite box, a personal alarm and an answering machine + an extraloud independant Bell. I have bought a REN amplifier which gives you an extra 10 REN and all my equipment rings ok.

  woodchip 19:17 30 Jul 2006

I have tried other two way adapters and it's just the same, I have also unplugged the extension to kitchen along with the extra phone but it still will not ring right. I think I am going to print off the above link from Graham and check my wiring

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