Not Pc related.....but can you help

  Madscot_uk 18:50 26 Sep 2005

Can anybody tell me about how i can recieve BBC radio in the north of Corfu. There are no 'pay and forget' internet services (that i am aware of) only pay as you go, making listening to the radio prohibitively expensive.

I am told that you can pick up BBC radio by satellite without a subscribtion card but i do not know what reciver or dish they were using.

I can get a 35.2 dB gain dish and an fta digital satellite reciver, would this work? Or is there a site/contact i can get hold of to verify this.

Many Thanks

  Stuartli 18:58 26 Sep 2005

The BBC card you mention was, as far as I'm aware, only able to be used in the UK for free to air transmissions and was for Sky boxes.

Some possible info:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  octal 18:59 26 Sep 2005

What about the good old shortwave? click here In fact I notice there is a medium wave frequency of 1323kHz for the eastern med, the transmitter is probably located in Cyprus.

  stalion 19:07 26 Sep 2005

if you want it on the internet
click here

  Madscot_uk 19:20 26 Sep 2005

Thanks for all the links, breifly looked through them and looks informative. Will look through them in more depth later.

Cheers again

  Stuartli 19:56 26 Sep 2005

Not much use in Corfu...:-)

  octal 22:36 26 Sep 2005

That transmitter on 1323kHz is located in Cairo.

  woodchip 22:47 26 Sep 2005

Do not know if this would help but I got a full Sat system from Lidl for about £70 that picks up all free stations TV and Radio complete with dish it's for caravanning runs on 12Volts 24Volts and 230Volts so will run on car battery they have had this on offer at least a couple of times this year. can be a bit fiddley to setup. It's in a Plastic type case the dish will work with it in the lid. Check your nearest Lidl to see if they have any still in. It picks up German British etc Arabs etc

  DieSse 23:26 26 Sep 2005

BBC TV and Radio is transmitted unencrypted - that is, it doesn't need any type of card.

So almost any digital receiver will pick them up, including free-to-air ones.

The problem is, that being in Corfu means you're way off the footprint. It's bad enough in some areas of Spain - I would imagine Corfu to be much worse.

At the very least you would need the very best LNB (0.3dB or better), the receiver with the most sensitive tuner, and probably a humungous sized dish. I the worst areas of Spain you can need a 2.4M dish to get BBC anywhere near all day.

Here's a message board which talks about it click here
but the best plan is to find a local installer and ask.

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