Not a PC question more a Euro/£ Question

  ACOLYTE 16:42 08 Jul 2005

My daughter has gone on a school trip to france and we have just topped her mobile up we only put £5 on it for texting as we will ring her back
but having recieved the topup she only got £2.77
€2.77 does the network providers change the £ to €
on an update outside the UK?,my daughter paniced a bit when she recived the topup and i am not sure how these things work.

  Pooke 19:42 08 Jul 2005

A year ago, my other half was in Spain and I topped her mobile up, her balance was the full £10. That was with o2.

It may well be that they convert to Euros, or the Network she was on in France charged her for something??


  Pooke 19:43 08 Jul 2005

apologies if that comes up twice.


  john-232317 20:43 08 Jul 2005

If it is a UK phone, it should have gone to pounds not €, if it was € she should have got7 odd € for a fiver, but how would the topup know she was out of UK ?

And dont forget when you phone her she will also pay airtime off her credit ;-(( on your call.

  Pooke 21:47 08 Jul 2005

I forgot about that, yeah you pay to recieve calls when you're roamming on foreign networks.

Even when you phone your daughter it still costs her , her phone credit. It's a Rip Off in my opinion.


  TomJerry 21:54 08 Jul 2005

if you want to top up, you can do it in bank cash machine if you use Natwest

  ACOLYTE 22:39 08 Jul 2005

Thx all the network is orange,and i didnt know she still got charged for the call even if i called her that seems a bit of a liability on there part but i didnt call her to find out about the topup she text me do they still charge for that as well?.even so £2 odd for a charge is a bit bad for 1 text,and i cant think why the roaming french network would charge for anything,i have since toped up her phone again but have yet to know what she got from £10 as she is in bed now over there.

  Forum Editor 23:58 08 Jul 2005

No it's not.

The phone company charges the roaming phone because otherwise the calling phone would be charged at the roaming rate. If I'm in Hong Kong my UK clients may not know, and if one of them decides to call me for advice I don't want them paying for a UK to Hong Kong call to a mobile. They certainly don't want the charge either, so what happens is that they are charged at the local UK rate, as if they were calling to a UK mobile, and I pay the difference - the UK to Hong Kong charge, less whatever the call would have cost, were I in the UK.

It's a good system, not a rip-off at all.

  Forum Editor 00:04 09 Jul 2005

You had better explain to your daughter that she will pay the cost of a call back to the UK if she tries to retrieve voicemails from the network server whilst she's roaming, so tell her not to do it. The position with text messages isn't so clear - some companies charge for text messages whilst roaming, whilst others do not.

  ACOLYTE 01:21 09 Jul 2005

Seems quite reasonable the way the FE puts it but how do you find out about these charges,i didnt know till you guys told me so if it had been me not knowing the phone calls can get quite expensive,as for the texts i dont know about the charges i looked on the orange site and it said 15p for a text message but no mention about other charges,it did say somthing about 30p a minute to call the UK but i couldnt find out the charges for me calling her.FE thx for the info on the voice mail i will pass this on.

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