This is not a PC question but can you help

  Fred the flour grader 18:57 15 Sep 2004

I am wondering if anybody knows a website where they can find info on speed camera detectors.
four of my friends/relations have been Gatso'd in the last month, just over the limit. I am now of the opinion that if you have not been "done" by one of these, you are not careful....just lucky.
I'm not a boy racer or anything but would like to protect myself from being the another victim of these "safety cameras".
Any help appreciated....and sorry to those who are a bit annoyed at the topic of the question, as I know it's not PC related... but looking for a website about them is.
Many thanks ...Fred.

  VoG II 18:58 15 Sep 2004
  TBH1 19:00 15 Sep 2004

Fred , there is a site out there somewhere, remember going there on my old PC ; had it in my 'favourites' - - -but didn't copy the beggar across to this one. Will have a look if I have it on my work's PC.

  TBH1 19:01 15 Sep 2004

VoG - -well done, mate

  Fred the flour grader 19:23 15 Sep 2004

Thanks guys for your help.I will think about it that list is valuable though, I will pass that on to some friends who wished they had seen it before

  Chris the Ancient 19:34 15 Sep 2004

Here's a some good ones.

click here

click here

click here



  Valvegrid 19:35 15 Sep 2004

There is this site, but I don't think they're much good because the radar cone is usually behind the vehicle in the case of the GATSO cameras, they will probably work with the ONTRACK cameras that are in front.

click here

  end 19:37 15 Sep 2004

what is it you are actually trying ot find out about them?

I have actually e mailed someone "in the know" about a stretch of road that actually NEEDS one on it;
and, of interest, I am seeing yes, "computer-related" speed-awareness signs that flash your speed if you are over the limit; it is then , i find "embarrasing" to be "shown " your actual speed "in public" ;

BUT, the ultimate aim, i believe, is to reduce our speed to that which IS within the limit; and what do your friends mean by "just over the limit"?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:40 15 Sep 2004

Get yourself a detector. I use a Snooper and it is excellent, alerting me to all bands (including automatic doors at Waitrose) here and this site is an interesting here


  Fred the flour grader 19:57 15 Sep 2004

The main thing I want to know is, are they 100%reliable. Do you have to pay a subscription charge for them and so forth.
One friend of mine was given three points for being 4mph over the limit....34mph.
I am of the opinion that they are a good thing but not the way the police and govrernment are using them.
A speedometer on a car is likely not to be 100% acurate so to do someone for 4mph is a joke.
A policeman I have spoken to has admited he thinks the attitude towards the ordinary motorist is wrong. A drug crazed cracker can blast about without insurance,tax and M.O.T and liciense and get a ban when he's not even legal in the first place.What use is that?.
A copper is not going to arrest him because he's sitting in the back of a transit van clicking away like a mad David Bailey dishing out tickets to drivers a couple of miles an hour over the limit.
This is wrong, people who never break the law are penalised and can risk their jobs for this mad obsession with speeding, not to mention getting screwed off your insurance company when you tell them about the points you have recieved.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:06 15 Sep 2004

Radar detectors, providing that you buy decent quality £200+ are 100% reliable and legal, well mine is. They tend to a few false positives but you get used to them.


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