not PC..but the phone call...a scam???

  Ikelos 14:52 07 May 2006

hi, we have all had the phone call where they say you have won 500 trips around the world, first class with a £million spending money, to hear more press 9...

anyway, the phone has just rung, with the operator saying, you have a reverse charge call, to accept the call, say yes.... is this another scam, I rang my kids to see if they had tried to get in touch, and,no, they had not...wondering if this was a new one?.


  johnnyrocker 14:55 07 May 2006

yes it is a scam variation of a pretty well known scam in the past, ask the operator what the number was and you might be able to get it shut down.


  Ikelos 14:57 07 May 2006

the operator sounded like it was automated.

  johnnyrocker 15:08 07 May 2006

good job you did not hit 9 then


  pj123 15:39 07 May 2006

I've got the answer. I don't answer my phone.

Unless I get a special "ring pattern" which I have set up and only tell family and friends who I will answer the phone to.

Works a treat.

I am registered with TPS but of course it doesn't stop every call.

  Stuartli 15:44 07 May 2006

>>I am registered with TPS but of course it doesn't stop every call.>>

So am I but, as we've discovered, for obvious reasons it doesn't work for calls from abroad or those who ignore TPS and withhold the number...:-(

  compumac 15:51 07 May 2006

Pressing 9 would have connected you to a premium call line.

  Ikelos 15:55 07 May 2006

this one wanted me to say "yes" to accept the call...

  The Spires 16:27 07 May 2006

I have had premium rate calls barred.

  €dstowe 16:36 07 May 2006

With genuine collect calls the operator must identify the caller to you before you agree to accept the charges and only then are you connected

  spuds 16:50 07 May 2006

Never ever press 9 on receipt of one of these calls. It will redirect your call to a server unit, possibly mainland China, which will result in a very heavy telephone bill.

If you have 'children' in the house, and have a BT line, then contact BT and have call baring installed.

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