not once but thrice -XP that is

  jack 08:57 10 Sep 2005

Having rebuilt this beast to 64 bit - I found that the original XP it no like[ rather the other way around XP would not load]-------------
So back to 98 for a time.---------------
Now have nice new XP.------------------
First attempt at installing was the reccommended [upgrade] route thus retaining files and progs- That did not go either.----------------

Second attempt- new install - took all off that I could data wise- and let it rip.
A hiccup
Start again.---------------
Goody it runs.---------------
Now to load MoBo disc for chip set and sounds and all that.----
Message over the selector screen - 'This disc does not support this MoBo'----
Pardon me its the one supplied in the manual.
Aw heck load it -----
System trashes- Obviously meant what it said.
In with Xp- it checks - Will repair it said.--- OK I said.-----
Have now manually picked sounds and other bits from the MoBo disk.--------------
All runs fine except that-----
On boot up I get the option to select from O/S
1.-- 2.-- or 3XP Pro.-------------
When selected no 1 says ' can't - DLL missing'
2 gives XPPro
3 says XP Pro & gives XP Pro.
So do I have 3 O/S's?
Shgould I lose No1 and 2 as a spare?
What is the best way to treat this chaps?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:16 10 Sep 2005

A few more details please if you can :0)

How many hard discs / partitions c: d: e: etc.

Did you install to c:\Windows or c:\windows00 etc.

Easiest path would be to start from scratch, format the drives and load one version of XP but there are other methods ou could try first depending on the information asked for above.

  jack 10:49 10 Sep 2005

One HDD on Machine and at that time one Ext drive.
One part.
On running the O/S disk checked drives and selected the ext drive for its backup drive.

Did I install to c:\Windows ?
Well yes I let it rip -no where else for it to go.
The Ext drive in question ['D' Fire wire] now has an exp folder with what appears to be copy of the disk.
Unless it causes problems ,I will let it stay.
The Primary drive capacity available has not diminished to any great extent, with this extra on board.
It is curiosity at what is going on really the intrigues me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:16 10 Sep 2005

You should be able to edit the boot.ini file to point to the correct path for XP to load.

What does the Boot.ini file say at the moment.

  zarobian 13:37 10 Sep 2005

There is an easy way out of this.

Go to Start-->Run and type CMD. It will open up a DOS page. Which will look like:-

C:\Documents & Settings \your name>

Type bootcfg .....pres enter
You will see the 3 boot enties shoing as ID 1 ID 2 ID 3.

Youe should be carefull which entry/entries you want to delete.

Assuming you want to delete entries '1 and '2'.
Type the following command:

C:\........>bootcfg /delete /ID 1 enter....Message ID 1 deleted will appear. Now do the same for ID 2.

EXIT this window and restart the computer....It will bootup straight without presenting the options as presented before.

CAREFULL while making selections for deletion.


  zarobian 13:41 10 Sep 2005

Please insert spaces prior to forward slash (/) and ID^1 (space instead of ^)

  jack 14:01 10 Sep 2005

Thank you for that.
I will print it out.
And one day soon, when there is nowt on -I've
got an exhibition thing on the go at the moment-
I'll give it a go

If all goes quiet from me for a bit - it could be me sulking ;-)

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