Not much happening yet.

  Ancient Learner 17:52 02 Jul 2005

Perhaps would be posters don't like admitting being an an absolute beginner, people can be strange about such things.

  Forum Editor 18:26 02 Jul 2005

that few people are visiting this forum area as yet.

We'll see more activity once the two new areas are linked on the page tops - which I hope is going to happen within a few days.

  spuds 18:32 02 Jul 2005

The FE as hit it on the head. Link hidden out of direct sight ;o)

  Kev.Ifty 00:46 03 Jul 2005

I think it's a bit of both.

Great idea to have this new forum, but why Absolute? Why not just 'Beginners'?

Just a thought.

Bestwishes Kev.

  wallbash 14:38 03 Jul 2005

The network forum was very slow at the beginning ( I posted that , we should all retire down the pub!.. but the FE in his wisdom pulled that idea)
Keep checking in here, this section will one day fly!.

  p;3 20:09 03 Jul 2005

am checking..honest..mind you , dont need to be an absolute beginner to post a very basic question does one:))

but the simplicity of how the questions are answered will interest me:)

  Diodorus Siculus 23:33 03 Jul 2005

[quote] the simplicity of how the questions are answered will interest me[/quote]

Certainly something to beware of!

  p;3 23:50 03 Jul 2005

I am reading the replies to threads as if I was the learner and asking the question, to see if it makes "simple and understandable sense" to me ; I must confess that with some of it I am struggling; do folks know what a CD is or a HDD

you may, but do not assume that the questioner does:)

spell it out; its like teaching my students. nothing can be assumed as known:)

this section is for absolute beginners; so back to basic basics!

  justme 12:27 04 Jul 2005

You are quite right about replying in plain English without the specialist jargon. It is all too easy to lapse into technospeak or use abreviations just because they are so familiar to most of the users here. On the other hand, we should not assume that anyone asking a question here is a complete idiot.

It is hard to find the right balance between explaining in a clear and simple manner and treating the person asking the question as totally brainless. Too much explaining of small details can put people off as they think it is too complicated but not mentioning something basic can mean the difference between success and failure.

It will be interesting to see just what level of knowledge people have when they ask a question and just how well their questions will be answered. I am confident that most of the forum members answering queries will cope quite well when replying.

  lotvic 23:49 13 Jul 2005

I like the reasoning that with a query on here the reply will be easy to follow, I struggle with some of the jargon on some threads that interest me.

  Bingalau 19:35 14 Jul 2005

I still think of myself as an "Absolute Beginner" as I have only been messing about with computers for about three years. Some of my friends think I am a "Whizz Kid" because there are one or two things I concentrate on more than others such as "Photoshop" My wife says she always knows where I am...either on the golf course or on that b..... Computer. She doesn't complain when I restore some of her old photo's though! .. I find I am often stumped by the jargon and sometimes wonder if instructions for beginners, could be written in the same format as this magazine's workshops.. Such as "Step 1" then onto "Step 2" etc. Probably too lengthy for forum use?
...Once the headings for this "Beginners Section" are included up top with the other sections links it will certainly take off. I wish it Good Luck and if it is half as useful as the "Helproom" then it will be a great success..Bingalau

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