Not marking problems solved when they are

  MuDelta 15:35 27 Mar 2013

I notice that quite a number of problems posted even some weeks back are not marked as resolved. On a random inspection many of them they seen to me to have been answered. Forum members who have had their problems solved should take take trouble to mark them accordingly so that others can see what has been resolved and what has not. What do others think and should the moderator politely remind people to act?

  iscanut 15:52 27 Mar 2013

I agree and have found it very irritating. I also note that many posts are responded to and yet the original poster never says if problem resolved or not and does not even respond at all ! However, these issues have been raised many times by forum members in the past and there is not really much that can be done.

  lotvic 16:12 27 Mar 2013

Some do, some don't, some don't know how. That's forum life.

If you think it's sorted, you can close this thread by clicking on one of the big grey ticks at the right of any post and it will turn green. When page is refreshed the Thread will be marked 'Resolved' (Can also be Unticked by reverse - click on green tick and it will turn grey, etc)

  wiz-king 16:22 27 Mar 2013

Yes it is annoying. As is posters who have several threads on the same question running sometimes in different forums.

But -- that's life.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:29 27 Mar 2013

It,like most of this site can be pretty hit or miss whether it works or not.

  spuds 17:57 27 Mar 2013

This subject as been raised many times, but its a bit like some people constantly asking for help, yet offer nothing in return. Giving a response as to whether a problem as been resolved, would help others, but that's not to be ;o(

  MuDelta 17:59 27 Mar 2013

As I often say, people are no dammed good!


  woodchip 18:51 27 Mar 2013

That's because PCA site will not let me, as page never fully loads with java script running and with it turned off it just does not work

  Woolwell 19:05 27 Mar 2013

I've been visiting this site on and off for over 10 years. It has always been like that. Some respond, some don't. It's not worth worrying about.

  Algerian peter ™ 20:55 27 Mar 2013

I have posted many questions over the years and in 3 different browsers find it nearly impossible to activate the green tick. On the odd occasion it has worked I have had to continuously click for 40 times or more.


Changing the font in a post makes it very difficult to read for those who have sight problems. Do you need to do it, why can it not be in just ordinary text.

  lotvic 22:35 27 Mar 2013

Algerian peter, I have similar problem and found out that in Firefox you can alter the text and font size that you will see on your pc.

Tools | Options | and in Fonts & Colours | Click on Advanced and then UNtick 'Allow Pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above'

The small type that you saw in my previous post took the font that you get in the 'Monospace' and was created by enclosing text with ` (keyboard on left of number 1) instead of proper quotation marks or apostrophes

Monospace is also what you see in the PCA compose box (no need to use the special marks). So if you want that bigger then you can alter it.


Hope that helps you as it helped me, I've set mine to size 18 :)

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