Not Loading, Freezing, Switching off

  speedbird_zero1 21:51 26 Dec 2004

Like it says in the title,no patern to it though.once i finally get it to load i leave it for a bit, it goes off TOTALLY no power to the switch so i have to unplugg power cable and re plug in, then it will only load into safe mode,loads of error messages will not load into 98 normal, each screen suggests different items at fault, regular BSOD's if i leave off for a bit it seems to be ok and loads like new, then after a short while it starts misbehaving. Could an intermittant fault in the power pack cause any of this? by the way i am running win 98se with a 2600 Athlon cpu and loads of disk space and 512mb ram.Thanks I have just read this posting and it sounds like a load of gobbledygook but this is the way it is happening and it is very difficult to explain

  Giggle n' Bits 21:58 26 Dec 2004

If know 512MB of memory may need your System.ini file Cache file editing.
This also could be a HDD being faulty infact lots of reasons.
What have you installed or changed recently please before this all started.

  speedbird_zero1 23:12 26 Dec 2004

Nothing new installed for a few days now. When the last bout of this attacked about an hour ago the side was off my case and so i decided to install motherboard monitor, the temp started slowly creeping up well not that slowly actually i looked into the case and saw the fan was not moving, i quickly stopped it again did a good clean of dust and it has been running ok since then showing a temp of 45 for the cpu and 34 for the case (without side) i will watch it for some time yet to see if it re-occurrs. BTW any one know what is a "reasonable " temperature for a cpu is?

  AragornUK 03:07 27 Dec 2004

sppedbird, have a look here: click here

Athlons are fine at much higher temps than Intels. Some run at an average of 60+ with no ill effects.

If the fan wasn't running, it could account for your problems. Thought you had MBM running anyway????

  AragornUK 11:50 27 Dec 2004

Any update on the situation? Still runing OK?

  speedbird_zero1 12:21 27 Dec 2004

kept running for a couple more hours last night and no further issues. Have only just turned on this morning and within minutes it gradually got to 45/ 45 degrees and seems stable. Now i do not know if it is my imagination but every now and then i hear an unfamiliar noise only very slight maybe not even at all but i reakon the fan might be on its way. Would you by chance know how difficult they are to change and are some better than others? I did not have MBM running although it was on my PC when all these issues started but it is running now!

  AragornUK 12:47 27 Dec 2004

Fans are easy to change. 4 screws and a power connector. Bear in mind - no that don't mean I have a bear in my mind ;o) - that you MAY just be hearing whirs and creaks now cos you're thinking "what's gonna go wrong now?". Keep an eye on the temp, and see how it goes.

  speedbird_zero1 14:10 27 Dec 2004

Good advice i feel about watching and waiting. I will leave this thread open for a day or two yet before ticking as resolved

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