not getting an IP from router

  tsvikt 22:04 09 Sep 2007

I have an adsl modem and a 3com router
and a desktop useing windows XP/
I did everything that was written in the manual
and in some of the messages in this forum but I cat not get an IP address from the router.

please help


  ambra4 22:41 09 Sep 2007

Check this posting it might help

click here

  tsvikt 22:51 09 Sep 2007

I tried that it didn't help

i can get to my 3com router html config page and run the wizard but the ip stay adn status is disconnected

any other idea's

thank Tsvi

  ambra4 05:26 10 Sep 2007

What is the Model # of 3com router and modem

Try these using the manual setting as follows

Select PPPoA mode

Select VPI 0 /VCI 38

Select “Encapsulation Mode” “VCMUX”

Select “Enable DHCP Service

  ambra4 05:46 10 Sep 2007

If router have wireless set SSID from 3Com to a name to want for you wireless system "54tsvikt05" etc

Apply and log off reboot router by power off and on again and see if you how have a IP address and can access the Internet

  tsvikt 22:08 10 Sep 2007

router model: 3com officeConnect Wireless 54 Mbps/108 mbps 11g cable/dsl

modem: alcatel speed touch home

didnt anderstand much of what you wrote but thanks any way

if the modem and router models helps you to understand the problem please lmk

and thanks again Tsvi

  ambra4 11:19 11 Sep 2007


I need some information about the speed touch modem is it a

2 ports 1 for the phone line and 1 Ethernet port or a

3 ports 1 for the phone line 1 Ethernet port & 1 for the ATMF 25 Interface

Look under the modem and see if it says Speed Touch Home POTS Network Terminator

Can you access the STHome menu using address10.0.0.138 from the browser??

Did you get any information from ISP on how to set up modem or did the company personal install it

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