Not Geniune Copy of Office

  smudge6521 14:08 27 Oct 2009

Can anybody help me with the following dillema, just recently I have been getting a message on my PC saying my copy of office 2007 is not genuine and that in 14 days it will be marked as not geniune. I have tried reputting my licence string in but it still appears. I know my copy is definetly geniune I got it with the PC some time ago so what do I do next.

  lotvic 14:17 27 Oct 2009

Did you activate it? click here

  canarieslover 16:02 27 Oct 2009

The problem seems to be with a recent update KB949810. This will not uninstall and the only work around that I have found is a registry edit click here. I resorted to using this as re-activation did not work and a complete un-instal and re-install was still yielding the same message. Mine is a retail version (not O.E.M.) of Office 2003 that had never had any problem with Office Genuine Advantage before this latest update so I can only put it down to a Microsoft glitch in the latest update.

  legalrep 17:14 27 Oct 2009

smudge6521 I had the same problem except with an oem version of office 2007 I'm afraid no one was able to suggest a fix and the only way to get rid of KB949810 is to do a system restore to before it was installed. Then simple reject the update when offered, sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Typical Microsoft even when you buy a genuine piece of software it doesn't work properly!!!!! I'm stearing well clear of windows 7 for at least 6 months!

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