Not functioning

  Muergo 01:54 11 Apr 2011

I have tried posting a reply but just get "Wait" strip but nothing happens so I posted a new thread, that has not appeared either.

Now instead of Firefox I am using IE9 and see what happens.

The topic I posted before was that I see different layouts in Firefo and IE9, almost totally white in FF but shades of grey in IE9, are there different themes ?

  birdface 08:31 11 Apr 2011

I had the same problem all day yesterday and gave up in the end. No doubt that the PCA staff were trying to sort out a few faults on the new set up. It was the same on both IE8 and Firefox. So just a matter of waiting to they get all the problems sorted out.

  birdface 08:39 11 Apr 2011

As for colour both I/E8 and Firefox are grey at the top of the page but turn lighter as you scroll down. Maybe Firefox may be a little darker but hard to spot the difference.

  robin_x 09:45 11 Apr 2011

It is very annoying to lose a long post or reply. I try to keep the habit of using the clipboard before hitting send/reply etc.

Then it's not so annoying to lose it. Of course, the times that I forget are the times I lose it.

Happens on other Forums too. 'Time out' is a common problem or just opening another link is enough. Back button may or may not be enough to recover in those cases.

  Graphicool1 12:07 11 Apr 2011

Hi guys,

As of today, I can respond to other peoples threads, but I can't start my own. I just keep getting 'Error on the Page' 'Try Again' etc.

Anyway, I realise tis is like highjacking someone elses thread, but I can't see any other way...

So here goes. It's been a long time since I last used 'Outlook Express'. At the top of the page when sending a new message, it gives you the choice of...

'Font' ~ 'Size' ~ 'Colour'

This is ok as far as it goes, if you want something different each time you send a letter. Because nomatter what I select, when I come to sending another letter, the setup has reverted to default.

Question: How do I save my settings?

  birdface 12:33 11 Apr 2011

Graphicool1 Cant help you with Outlook Express but have the same problem trying to start a new thread.All I get is a full page with a script error on it. Mind you that is with a click here attached so maybe that is my problem.

Muergo make sure you have not been signed out. I get the same problem not sure if it is the attachment on my post that causes the problem or not. No doubt by the end of the week all problems may be fixed.

  Graphicool1 12:55 11 Apr 2011

When I try to start a new thread, I type it out as usual, click the post button and get the message...

"You have errors in your form. Please check and try again."

Oh, I think I see the problem, I didn't click the box...

"Tick here if you would like to subscribe to replies to this question."

I'll give it another go, I'll let you know the outcome.

  Graphicool1 12:59 11 Apr 2011


No that wasn't it. There wasn't any box to click. But oddly there is on here?

  Muergo 22:44 12 Apr 2011

I am still having trouble with my Firefox4 site. This message is being composed on IE9.

I get a full colour header and grey with white pages but on FF4 it's all white.

This must be a setting on Firefox because I have just had the same trouble on my forum for BMW cars, that too comes up in two different designs.

I don't know how to modify the FF4 settings.

  lotvic 23:08 12 Apr 2011


Outlook Express > Tools > Options > Compose tab, you can choose the font settings and colour for default.

Apologies to Muergo, I don't know how to change FF4 either.

  Muergo 23:23 13 Apr 2011

I still have the same stark bland site on FF4 so I am using IE9 a lot more, getting quite used to it now, it gives better results on other sites as well.

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