Not everyone has problems. Why?

  BigRik 16:44 17 Mar 2006

Hi all.

As some of you will be aware, another forum member is having issues with ZoneAlarm v6. Some of the replies so far are mentioning about bugs and instability.

As a person who considers his computing knowledge to be somewhere between novice level and intermediate, can I ask that if a piece of software was buggy and/or unstable, as ZA6 seems to be for some, would it not be for all users of said product?

Basically, why would it work fine for me but not others? System setup? Software setup?

Your comments are appreciated.

  woodchip 16:46 17 Mar 2006

It's a Combine of the above. Hardware and Software

  Marsh Warden © ™ 16:49 17 Mar 2006

also sometimes the problem is between the chair and the keyboard. ;-)

  Pineman100 16:49 17 Mar 2006

If a software package shows some instability, this can often be due to conflicts with other software within the computer. Everyone's computer is different, and nowadays people often have lots of software running in the background that they don't even know about, unless they have the knowhow to identify it.
It could be that ZA6 is conflicting with certain combinations of software in some computers.

  ACOLYTE 17:48 17 Mar 2006

Sod's Law )

  DrScott 17:56 17 Mar 2006

Because life's a b***

  woodchip 18:17 17 Mar 2006

What used to be my Problem, when I started with Computers Win95. Was keep loading software of discs. that would reck my system files and learned the hardway, spending houres night reloading and sorting problems. Things got easy when I first got Drive Image that worked from one floppy disc. This one will not work with XP. I am now on Acronis True Image 9 and use Acronis Disk Director suit 10 for partitions

  Devil Fish 18:18 17 Mar 2006

unfortunatly software for mass circulation may cause a problem for a few. for reasons stated above posts

chances of problems can be lessened though not eradicated by checking the manufacturers/distributors websites for any known issues before installing

  ACOLYTE 18:22 17 Mar 2006

Most new software,or should i say well written software will force a restore point before installing that way if you do have problems it can be easily undone,this is OK with XP but other OS may not have that option.

Ahh win95 i remember it well i still have my original cd and booklet gathering dust under the stairs lol.

  amonra 19:52 17 Mar 2006

Why is it when I work on this computer for hours on end, no problems. BUT, as soon as my better half comes within half a mile of the machine, it falls over ! She only plays Solitaire and other card games, nothing mind boggling, but she can bring the system to a halt no problem !

  octal 20:32 17 Mar 2006

My operating system borders on the boring, I think I'll install XP for a bit of an adrenalin rush :-)

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