Not enough storage is available to complete this o

  know_nowt 20:41 31 Mar 2009

Hi everyone...

everytime i try to access this one site i get the following

"Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. "

i run vista and i have firefox.. can anyone shed any light on this..? it only seems to be this on site.. thanks :)

  know_nowt 20:56 31 Mar 2009

. i just tried to access the site (which is a music site)through explorer .. and the message says.. "this site could have a program error or under maintenance" is this problem likely to me my lapper or do you think its the site..?

thanks :)

  tullie 21:14 31 Mar 2009

Whats the site?

  know_nowt 21:17 31 Mar 2009

Hi Tullie..

its click here

  tullie 21:24 31 Mar 2009

I cant access it either.

  know_nowt 21:26 31 Mar 2009

umm will you do me a favour and type it in.... do you think its their error or a problem with their site? Thanks Tullie!!

  tullie 21:49 31 Mar 2009

No good allready tried that.Have you been on the site before?

  know_nowt 21:54 31 Mar 2009

yeah,, think its them and not my lap!! :) which is good enough for me! phew!! thanks tullie for trying pur my mind at rest anyway :) gonna mark this as resolved... thanks for your help!!!

  tullie 22:09 31 Mar 2009

No probs

  ronalddonald 23:56 31 Mar 2009

managed to acces it, using firefox but using linux ibuntu, went in within seconds,

  tullie 15:35 01 Apr 2009

So can i now,but not earlier.

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