not enough space on cd

  Desperate-Dan 12:25 28 Dec 2008

hi. I trying to make an Audio cd, I just tried to burn It with Nero but its telling me that the data to be writen is 724MB, and the space available is 702MB, I don't want to use another cd If I can help It, is there away I can skink it down little

  ambra4 13:27 28 Dec 2008

Just remove one of the sounds track

  Stuartli 13:30 28 Dec 2008

You could try overburning. See:

click here

  canarieslover 13:43 28 Dec 2008

A long time since I have done it but I think you can move the red marker along to 'overburn' on the disk.
click here

  Desperate-Dan 15:10 28 Dec 2008

I tried the overburn but Nero is still telling me I don't have enough space, even when I left out a 3 minute track, this is the size of the data I want to burn onto a cd, I know the track are long but this not music its someone speaking

track1 03:10
track2 19:47
track3 19:47
track4 19:46
track5 19:45

  dukeboxhero 15:45 28 Dec 2008

Desperate-Dan You could try editing the silences in the files with somthing like audacity then try burning

  ambra4 16:07 28 Dec 2008

Check your local pc store and get a 90 min 800 MB CD that will allow you to burn the full 724MB file

  Desperate-Dan 16:12 28 Dec 2008

Thanks, I will try audacity and post back later

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:25 28 Dec 2008

CDs cost less than 6p each...isn't it a lot of faffing around to save 6p, surely your time is more valuable?


  Desperate-Dan 21:21 28 Dec 2008

Thanks to all for the advice, in the end I just used another cd, I just thought there might be a quick way of doing it.

  kobaltzx 21:55 28 Dec 2008

reduce the bitrate from 44khz to 32khz if it is only someone speaking the difference is negligible.

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