Not enough space for backup???

  Phrixos 14:48 29 Apr 2012

I just bought a Sony Vaio VPCSB. Nice machine for the money. (Windows 7 Pro, 64bit)

It has a 500GB Hard Disc, so I used Windows Shrink Drive facility to create a new 50GB simple partition at the end of C:\ for System backups. At approx only 72Mb,however, backups will not complete, as Windows reports that there is "not enough space on the drive."

That definitely is odd. So why is it happening?


  john bunyan 15:15 29 Apr 2012

Firstly, if you intend to install other programmes, and allow restore points, I think you will find it better to have , say, 100 gig for your system partition, leaving the balance for data. Secondly, I recommend you buy a USB HD for back up, similarly partitioned. That way , should the internal drive fail, you have back ups of it elsewhere. You will see in other threads recently that some prefer 3rd party back up software - I prefer Acronis True Image for system back up. I keep data on the other partition and use Freefilesynch or Synch Toy to make frequent mirror copies. I would consider using Eusaus as a partition manager See Here

Also the free version of Tree Size will tell you what is where. tree size

  john bunyan 15:16 29 Apr 2012

PS Wait a bit and others will give you more, and maybe ,better, advice!

  Phrixos 15:30 29 Apr 2012

Hello John, and thanks for replying.

Yes, I'm thinking of a portable BUHD, but not yet. In the meantime, I'd like to know why a 72Mb file won't fit on an empty 50GB partition.

  john bunyan 15:35 29 Apr 2012


I am no expert but cannot understand why the back up is only 72Mb. Surely the Windows OP alone is +/- 20 Gig ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 29 Apr 2012

1, do you have Bit defender installed? then other solutions will be needed

if not Try this

  robin_x 18:09 29 Apr 2012

Nothing wrong with a dedicated partition for images and backups in absence of external HDD. Just realise that if it fails, your backup is gone too.

But it is useful in the event of viruses or corrupted boot and c partitions and faster than USB.

W7 Backup and Imaging is used by many without problem. But many have had problems.

Personally I used it for a couple of months till the bugs became apparent and realised it was totally useless for me/my system because it could not be relied upon.

MS insist Images cannot be mounted (although there is a workaround). There is also no verification. When making an Image, Windows decides what partitions you ought to Image and options to change may be greyed out.

A variety of 3rd party apps are available. (Easeus, Macrium, Paragon and Acronis)

Easeus Todo Free is very powerful, allowing Full and Incremental Images and File/Folder backups. It is my preferred one at the moment.

Macrium Reflect Free is good for Images only and is much faster.

All allow a boot disc to be made for Image restore to a non-booting computer. And paid-for versions give more features.


New computer: don't forget to make your standard Recovery DVDs and a W7 Repair CD/DVD.

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