Tabatha 20:59 31 Jan 2006


I really don't know what to do. My computer is so very slow; driving me insane almost.

Then the other day I noticed in the bottom right hand corner an icon popped up, telling me that I was short of disk space, and to remove some of my programmes.

I removed what I could - sacrificing a lot of stuff. My computer is only a little better though, still very slow.

I looked up some help here in the Forum and downloaded a free SequoiaView. The majority of my disk space seems to be photographs.

Is there anything I can do? I want the photos, as I cannot print them all off...

Any help would be great.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:05 31 Jan 2006

Why not copy them to CD/DVD or buy an external HD and copy them all onto that?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:06 31 Jan 2006

Why not copy them to CD/DVD or buy an external HD and copy them all onto that?


  Thalmus 21:09 31 Jan 2006

Download and install ccleaner click here this give your hard disk a good clean.

Another thing you can do is delete your system restore points, to do this disable it and the re enable it in "my computer" properties

Also, do you need all your photos on your hard? Maybe backing them up to CD/DVD or even a pen drive will help free up space.

Perhaps maybe investing in an external disk drive to pit all your files that you don't need regularly

  stlucia 21:26 31 Jan 2006

How did you remove them? If you just deleted files, they will still be in your recycle bin taking up the same amount of disc space as before. Have you emptied your recycle bin?

  Tabatha 22:07 31 Jan 2006

Hi Thalmus

I have downloaded ccleaner. Very good; got rid of loads of stuff.

So, how do I use a Pen Drive, and how do I back them up to CD?

Any extra help would be great


  Thalmus 22:48 31 Jan 2006

This is a pen drive click here
All you do is plug it into your computer and copy the files onto it. This particular one holds 1 GB or 1024 MB, which is a lot of photos. Copy them onto there and then put it somewhere safe, the next time you want to look at your photos just plug them in.

If its a lot of photos you have then the CD/DVD route will probably be better, do you have a CD/DVD writer on your computer?

If so then put a blank CD in your drive, copy your photos onto it then click the write button. Once they are safely copied you can delete them off your hard disk

  PC Bilbo 22:58 31 Jan 2006

Sandisk 1GB USB Pen Drive from Amazon £29.99 delivered!

click here

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