Not detecting IDE

  kat64 01:08 11 Jul 2006

Hi, I have a 1998 PC which I am fixing up for my wife. its a Via Technologies X86 based PC with a 350MGz CPU. i have bought a MAXTOR 40Gb HDD to replace the 5Gb existing one and I have hit a problem.
When I try to boot up the diagnostics start but then freeze when it gets to 'Detecting IDE Primary Master'i have checked all the cables and plugsin fact tried new IDE cables,checked the jumpers but still cant get past'detecting IDE primary Master.
I put the old HDD back in and it boots up fine.I changed the jumper setting and tried installing the new one as a slave but it still froze at the same point. I have disconnected my CD/rom and DVD/RW
but still the same. Am I missing something or could it be a faulty HDD.Any help would be appreciated.Regards

  MichelleC 08:57 11 Jul 2006

I'm just tagging along as have similar prob on 1 pc. Ta.

  xania 09:23 11 Jul 2006

It could be that the HDD is faulty - try it on another PC. Also, it could be that the mobo cannot cope with a HHD as large as 40 Gb, so check the Maxtor web site for help

click here

  pj123 10:09 11 Jul 2006

I don't think you are going to get more than an 8gb hard drive unless you use some sort of Disk Management like Ontrack or Maxblast. Even then you may have to partition the 40gb in to 2 x 20gb.

Maxblast 4 from: click here

Ontrack from: click here

  kat64 22:09 11 Jul 2006

Xania & pj123
Many thanks for you comments and advice.
I have downloaded the Maxblast diskette & CD and will let you know later what happens.

  kat64 11:16 12 Jul 2006

Hi Xania & pj123,
I have just found out from Maxtor website that My particular Bios (Award 4.51PG)has a limit of 32Gb.
So I can either change to a smaller HDD or Install a ULTRA ATA/133PCI Adapter Card.
At least that is the way I read it.
would either of you Agree?
MichelleC might also take note of this if you are having the same problem.

  xania 08:57 13 Jul 2006

Either solution would work, but I doubt you find either easy to buy through normal channnels. Suggest you take a look at Ebay - if you go for the HHD option and have to get rid of the 40 GB, you can sell that on Ebay as well.

  jimv7 09:13 13 Jul 2006

Read the instructions on the hard drive case, there should be a jumper to restrict the hdd to 32Gb.

  kat64 01:22 14 Jul 2006

Xania & pj123, Many thanks for your comments , I have found the Adapte card on Ebay albeit in Hong Kong.but i will send for it and see if it works. I will let you know the outcome.
jimv7there are no jumpers restricting the HDD but according to Maxtor website my BIOS award 4.51PG is what restricts the size.

  xania 08:49 17 Jul 2006

Just a thought, in that case - you may just find a BIOS update on the motherboard manufacturer's site to clear that restriction.

  David4637 14:20 19 Jul 2006

Cant you partition the HD into a number of 32GB? David

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