Not connecting to the Internet.

  skenth 10:49 24 Jun 2003


I have a very wierd problem with a computer running Win98se. It has broadband installed in it and when I try to connect to the internet the dial up goes through fine and handshakes with the server, however when I try to open Internet Explorer and enter a web site address, it just says that page cannot be found. I have installed anti-virus software but cannot connect to the internet to update the virus definitions. SO then I took the hard drive out and connected it to another computer that had up-to-date virus definitions and scanned for viruses, it found 2 viruses which it deleted. However after reconnecting the hard drive I still have the same problem. I have also tried safe boot through msconfig but still no luck. I have repaired internet explorer and also restored the previous settings. I have uninstalled the network settings and reinstalled them. Now I have run out of ideas and turn to you gurus to see if you can shed any light on this bizarre problem!!

  spikeychris 11:09 24 Jun 2003

Bit confused, are you using your BB connection to connect to the net?

  Jester2K II 11:20 24 Jun 2003

Could be ADSL - still need to dial in!

Skenth - who is your ISP and what type of broadband are you on?

  skenth 11:21 24 Jun 2003

Yes - I have a broadband connection which seems to connect fine but i cannot check email, use internet explorer or update my anti virus definitions, hence something is blocking the connection.

  skenth 11:23 24 Jun 2003

My broadband provider is a company called Sniffout (you probably havn't heard of the because they are crap!) Anyway this problem is not ISP related as I have taken the computer to a friends house and connected it on his Nildram connection and still have the exact same problem.

  spikeychris 12:09 24 Jun 2003

Thank-you J2K tend to forget about ADSL. Skenth have another look at your settings click here and see if there right.

  spikeychris 12:11 24 Jun 2003
  skenth 13:30 24 Jun 2003

Hi thanks, I have checked these but all looks to okay!

  canard 14:10 24 Jun 2003

When there are peripherals installed to USB my BB is horrendous. Uninstalling all USB peripherals has made the BB behave itself.

  skenth 14:12 24 Jun 2003


Thanks for the tip, but I do not have any other USB devices connected... any other ideas?

  Confab 15:13 24 Jun 2003

Could be a corrup IE. Try the IE Repairer tool in system information.


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