Not Broad Band but does it all -what is it?

  jack 14:53 20 Jul 2004

A neighbour across the road knocked on my door and asked I would have a look at computer because he could no longer get on line.
He told me that one day whilst we were on holiday the heavens opened and with a flash and a bang lightning came near by and put the phones out .
BT soon sorted that but he still could not get on line.
Checking proved the obvious the modem had blown.
So I purchased for him an external modem and a surge resistant power strip.

I became aware that whilst I was setting it all up he was using a telephone whilst I was setting up theISP. - Two phones said I. No he said and thenceforth attempted to explain the set up, which I gather he did not fully understand, and by the time it got to me I certainly didn't.
From What I can gather. The BT line goes into an external 'box'from the pole high up outside.
He has a dedicated socket for the PC [although phone calls can be made from there] and another socket to which the normal phone is fixed.
His talk phone is with another supplier, but line and Internet are with BT [This was similar to me when I was on British Gas and they could not handle 045 numbers and I routed to my ISP via BT by bypassing the BG dongle]
So a single number but a two way line does any one know about that?

He then showed me a BT bill for line and calls, which he alleged were made direct to his ISP whilst he was not at home. [We know about auto diallers don't we?]
Though these were to his ISP. -Simple remedy there is to make sure the machine is powered off at the mains when not in use, says me.
Then look at this he said and here my mind blew.
He showed me the itemized BT bill listing the calls.
He had telephoned them for a 'breakdown' and of course all he got was a repeat of the
Itemized bill - well not quite - on the copy were listed calls [whilst not at home]
For days and times not on the original. and vice versa, the cash total remained the same however.
Of course trying to speak to a real people at BT is a button-pushing saga that leads one to a brick wall.
So there is a puzzle
Any suggestions

  cga 14:58 20 Jul 2004

ISDN? or a second line?

  Confab 15:04 20 Jul 2004

DACS perhaps?

If so he'll only be able to connect to his isp at 28K max

  TomJerry 15:17 20 Jul 2004

If you do not know what DACS is, it is a phone mutiplixer, i.e. two phone share the same phone line by the way of frequency modulation. One signal goes to one frequency band and another line goes to another frequequency band. So each line only got half bandwidth. It is fine for phone call, but the data communication speed is halfed.

  jack 19:35 20 Jul 2004

Sounds it could be DACS, I noticed that whilst Norton was updating, it was taking for ever at about 4.5 k
Will have to talk to him.
Thanx all

  Graham ® 19:55 20 Jul 2004

So he has two lines. One with BT and another with another supplier. They will both be using BT line plant, hence the DACS if there are no spare pairs.

DACS click here

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