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  Newuser2533 20:38 14 Feb 2007

This is my question, their answer and my follow up response to BtYahoo help line.
I find it all exacerbating, can anyone on this site help with my initial query please.

INITIAL question to BtYahoo help line.
I used your Norton Spyware Scan and it detected a virus
"Software\classes\CLSID...........improcServer32" and advised me to delete it, which I did.
I ran the scan again and had the same result but this time I chose to ignore it.
I then went to the Norton site and had an on line Virus scan done, and it detected NOTHING. What is going on please.One Norton says it's a virus and the other Norton says it isn't.

I understand from your e-mail that you have got two different results from different Norton Anti-virus. I am here to assist you.
Please note that, if the Norton expires or become outdated it might not detect the new viruses. Therefore, it also depends on the version of the
Norton Anti-virus.
Thank you for using BT Total Broadband.

My Followup which I have just sent.
I think you fail to understand that one of the Norton scans was done using YOUR Yahoo Norton Spyware Scan and the other by the Norton online virus scan BOTH OF WHICH CANNOT BE OUT OF DATE.
If BtYahoo are running an out of date Spyware it would be unheard of, and if Norton were running their on line virus checker in an out of date mode they would not be the market leaders they are.Please think again about a reason for this discrepancy.
Can you believe this!!!!

  p;3 20:49 14 Feb 2007

bookmarked; intrigued;what antivirus program is installed?looks like Norton?

  VoG II 20:57 14 Feb 2007
  Newuser2533 21:44 14 Feb 2007

It is a Norton Spyware product that is downloaded from BtYahoo.
I ran AVG rootkit finder and it came out clear.
Do I trust Norton in future???

  Totally-braindead 23:08 14 Feb 2007

I didn't know Norton did a spyware product at all. Is the AVG rootkit finder not a BETA product and as such might not be totally trustworthy.
I would go with VoG™s link and see what it finds.

I'm also a bit confused as anti virus and spyware are totally different as you mention Norton spyware scan finding a virus and Norton anti virus finding nothing.
Somethings definatly a bit strange, a false positive perhaps?

  p;3 14:00 16 Feb 2007

could we have a comment as to how this was resolved?

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