Norton won't Upgrade

  Polopaul69™ 11:15 26 Nov 2006

Hey All

Wonder if you can work your magic again.

Right a colegue of mine has just paid for an upgrade and a 2 year extension on his Norton Antivirus (please don't ask me why he did this as i DO NOT KNOW)

It was paid for online but he is trying to upgrade the product but Norton won't pick up on the fact that he has paid for a renewal and an Upgrade. He has recieved Emails from Noton confirming that he has paid for the goods, but with 3 days to go till his current one runs out, he is getting worried.

I have tried to get it working myself and i've gone to the Hep & Account section and tried Activating or renewing subscription etc, checked there's no conflicts with the firewall etc.

Norton sent him an Email with his Product ID/Activation code but this come up when entered as Invalid.

Does he need to wait for his old one to expire before he can upgrade or is there something we're missing.

I'm stumped as never used Norton - use AVG

Cheers in advance guy n gals

Running XP Home with SP2

  thms 12:02 26 Nov 2006
  Polopaul69™ 12:55 26 Nov 2006

Tried that - but still nothing

  birdface 13:30 26 Nov 2006

I take it he has upgraded to 2007,How would it go If he deleted the one he has, Then run the Norton Removal tool And then download 2007 version.then enter his Identification code,Would that work.

  birdface 13:36 26 Nov 2006

As He has paid for a Renewal+Upgrade, I would think that his old version is now or will be void within the next three days,I think complete reinstal should work.If it had just been an upgrade it would have it probably would have worked with the one he has,

  birdface 13:37 26 Nov 2006

Make sure you run the Norton removal tool if doing it this way.

  birdface 13:41 26 Nov 2006

Yes, In case anybody else out there thinking of moving to Norton,This one should be free for a while, Taken of another thread,click here

  Polopaul69™ 16:01 26 Nov 2006

He paid for renewal & upgrade but for some reason it came up about turning off windows firewall then he stopped downloading the renewal & upgrade. Laster that night turned off PC so now although he paid for it, Norton won't do it.

Stupidly aswell he opted for online download and not the 'send me the CD' way.

The Norton helpline is £18 to call per incident which he doesn't really want to do.

I take it that because he has upgraded he should have been given a new serial number (as the one they Emailed his the other day said invalid - could this be the new one?)

Could we use a friends CD of Norton 2007 and use the Serial Number provided to him via Email? I know with Office n stuff serial numbers are assigned to CD's but is Norton that way too.

If all else fails we'll try and get him a refund and get him onto AVG (which i suggested to him at the start)

  Jimmy14 16:05 26 Nov 2006

Your friend could try live chat support with a symantec techinical support agent,
click here
It worked for me and it's open 24-7

  anskyber 16:08 26 Nov 2006

A thought. Other examples of Norton upgrade permit the change from 06 to 07 to be free. The upgrade lasts until the expiry of the 06 subscription.

He could try reinstalling 06 if he can, doing the free upgrade then using the new serial number to extend the service.

  Polopaul69™ 02:41 27 Nov 2006

Tried the live chat but sat waiting for 2 hours - even though it said waiting time of 30 minutes.

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