Norton won't turn off!

  Phrixos 11:49 24 Jul 2007


My system is: Win XP PRO SP2--with Norton System Works (2005) installed. Unfortunately, NSW seems to be interfering with the installation of the latest Windows Update (KB 928365).

Microsoft have advise me to
a) Enable the windows firewall.
b) Disable NSW.
c) Install the Windows Cleanup Utility
d) Delete Net Frameworks 2.0
e. Reinstall Net Frameworks 2.0 ("Redistributable Package".

Unfortunately, strange things have happened--and are happening--when I try to disable NSW.

I have disabled NSW in all its variations (Until sistem restart, for one hour, etc.) and it is still the same. Whenever I try to install the Windows Cleanup Utility, Norton Antivirus STILL invokes itself with the terrifying message: "MALICIOUS SCRIPT DETECTED. Your computer has been stopped for your protection."--=followed by a series of options, of which there is no advice on which to choose--so I choose to stop altogether.

Why is NAV invoking itself when it has been disabled?

I have further discovered that disabling NAV does not disable its worm auto-blocker--which has to be disabled separately, and--you guessed it! When I try the Windows Cleanup Utility again, the same thing happens--and I find further that the Worm auto-blocker has re-enabled itself!

On top of all that, I now find that NAV no longer enables itself on startup!

I swear, as a long-time user of Norton System Works, and while I am well aware it is far from a perfect program, I am now on the verge of quitting Norton forever--so, aside from anyone helping me solve this problem, can anyone help me select from among so many other products, the best alternate (I am already running ZoneAlarm anti-spyware. Maybe I will go with them for anti-virus too. Any comments on that, also?)


  skidzy 20:36 24 Jul 2007

click here

Norton Removal Tool click here

  Phrixos 22:06 24 Jul 2007

Thanks, skidzy, but NSW, with all its updates, is such a bi*ch to reinstall on a 1Mb connection, I would like to try and solve this problem without uninstalling it unless I absolutely have to. (Otherwise, as I have said, I would have dumped Norton long ago.)

I wonder if this is a portent of the future--that we have all to take our systems apart every time Microsoft finds a need for an update?

Any other answers out there, guys--& gals?


  Phrixos 13:52 26 Jul 2007

Just a note to say I'm closing this thread. I have finally said goodbye to that awful program and become a "Norton atheist". Norton is NOT God!

Avast, ye mighty!


  mfletch 14:05 26 Jul 2007

Yes you have seen the light {Avast} at the end of Norton,


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