Norton Utilities uninstalling prolems...

  Mysticnas 17:14 23 Aug 2003


I have just got off the phone to a mate for 37mins, he was complaining that he can't remove norton utilities thus can't install systemworks 2003.

He said he tried the add/remove programs, and it said the file is corrupt and can't uninstall. So he did it manually, as in went to c drive and deleted the folders. Then did a search for any other related files or foldres and delelted them also. Restarted pc and tried installing systemworks 03 again, still no joy.

Thats when he calls me, i told him to download and use symclean.exe from the CD that he has (it says on the symantec site to do so). Then an application called RNAV off symantec site. Still no good. He says although there is no sign of any norton files now he still can see a norton protected recylce bin.

I remember installing systemworks 03 on my system over utilities 02 and all was fine.

He runs win98se with 20Gb drive and 512Mb SDRAM.

What going on? does anyone out there know how to sort this?

Thanks in advance.

  Mysticnas 17:40 23 Aug 2003


  JIM 18:15 23 Aug 2003

Sounds like your only option is to go into the registry and do a find for all nortons,or symantec

Go to run,type in regedit,go to the edit tab and click,then click on the find.when open write in the box nortons,or symantec,or liveupdate.or any program he installed with nortons symantec.Click next.

Remem to try all words until nothing comes up in the box,and delete any highlighted items relating to nortons on the right or left registry wndow.

This takes quite a while so be cool.

There is also symantec files in the common folder in windows program files that i would delete first in case they were missed.

  Derek 18:24 23 Aug 2003

This can be a very trying problem but I'm almost sure that it's addressed in the knowledge base of Symantec.
I'll warn you that you must be patient because the searching process is heavy going.
To find Symantec, go through Google search for "Norton+Symantec+knowledgebase" and start looking.

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