Norton Update disables Outlook Express

  profi 12:41 08 Apr 2005

When I apply the latest LiveUpdate (Symantec Security Software Update; Symantec Common Client 687.2 Kb) and restart my computer, I cannot access my emails through Outlook Express. I can still access the internet via Internet Explorer. I have to run System Restore in order to be able to use OE. Anyone else have this problem?
Running Windows XP Home, SP2 and Norton Internet Security 2005.

  Yoda Knight 13:19 08 Apr 2005

When you say "cannot access my emails", do you mean u cant see ur saved emails or that you cant send/recieve them ?

  roi 13:36 08 Apr 2005

OE will not connect to my ISP

  Yoda Knight 13:50 08 Apr 2005

have a look at your pop3 and smtp settings, Norton has probably changed them as part of its security settings, but you can change them back to point to your ISPs usual settings

  Busy 13:50 08 Apr 2005

Same problem.I am in communication with someone helpful on email at Symantec tech support,will let you know what final solution is,though last time the same thing happenend I could only cure it by uninstalling then reinstalling NIS.

  profi 13:53 08 Apr 2005

Thank you both. I didn't notice any change to the POP3 and SMTP addresses before I ran Restore.I will await details of Busy's exchange with Norton.

  Number 7 14:09 08 Apr 2005

Have a look at the link posted by Lettervanman click here

I use NIS 2005 and after the latest update I had problems with Outlook- the link above fixed it.

  sunny staines 14:10 08 Apr 2005

click here

I had this see the above thread

  Busy 14:22 08 Apr 2005

Yep confirming that this does work-see Lettervanmans link to Symantec site about restoring default firewall and trojoan bla bla.But do Manual reset or it wont work.
Works ok again now.
Looks like I need to email Symantec tech support now to tell THEM how to fix the problem as they clearly don know,or at least the nice foreign sounding lady Ive spoken to doesnt know.
Pretty poor show really isnt it....

  Yoda Knight 14:24 08 Apr 2005

Give them the link to this forum ! haha

By the way, I hope thats not a dig at us foreigners... ;)

  profi 18:32 08 Apr 2005

Thank you all.
I tried the "click here"s, but couldn't manage the final link to the Norton file download. However, a Symantec techie got in touch and suggested deleting the contents of the LiveUpdate download folder, and then re-running LiveUpdate ('guessing' that there were files a corrupted in the download folder). Guess what? It worked!!

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