Norton SystemWorks purchase-Was it worth it?

  Squarehed 19:09 11 Aug 2004

Yesterday i bought Norton SystemWorks to help me sort out some annoying problems on my computer. It just tends to randomly go slow for a while (offline) and not run programs correctly, crashing, not displaying properly etc. I was just wondering if this was the right purchase.

Thanks for your help,

  Peter 19:16 11 Aug 2004


I have used Norton SystemWorks for sometime and like it, but it is recognised (and disliked by many here) as a resource hog. I suggest that you go into the options setup and decide for yourself which parts of Norton SystemWorks you want to run and when. Your slowdown is quite likely occurring when Norton SystemWorks wants to run something in the background. This usually happens when Norton SystemWorks decides that not much else is going on.


  Squarehed 19:21 11 Aug 2004

Sorry, i should have said that i havent installed it and was wondering if the problems i describe would be helped

Sorry bout that but thanks for your help. i'll bear that in mind when i install it

  gold 47 19:22 11 Aug 2004

Norton Systemworks will not sort your problems you had before install.

I have run NSW for years but have gone back to using NSW 2002 as the latest version is key activated a pain after five or six reinstalls your locked out and have to ring Symantec,in my case i have two computers with two hard drives in each.

  961 19:26 11 Aug 2004

If you look through these forums you will see that Norton can argue with some programmes. It also tends to spread itself pretty widely round your files. Also there seems to be a desire to try to look for updates every nanosecond, and all this can put pressure on your processor

Why don't you look on the bright side and tell us what the original problems were. If the members on this forum can solve them, you won't need it.

Some clever guy will then tell you how to get it off your system

  961 19:30 11 Aug 2004


Now, what version of windows are you using, what else have you got on your system, what firewall virus checker etc are you using?

Have you checked your system with an on line virus checker

Are you using Spywareblaster, Adaware or something to stop trojans etc?

Have you added any new programmes or hardware lately?

  Squarehed 19:31 11 Aug 2004

Wow, you guys are amazin.

Well, I just dont feel as though my computer is performin at its best. It doesnt feel like it's able to run as smoothly as it should. And there are error messages far too frequently, but not major ones, Although i have had a memory dump today. So i'm not best pleased. But i think i sorted that one out. My PC is a 3 ghz P4 HT. With 1024 MMb DDR RAM, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. Ermm 120 BG SATA Hard Drive. Anythin else u need 2 know?

  Squarehed 19:34 11 Aug 2004

No new hardware.

Spyware doctor.

Norton Antivirus

Windows XP Home Ed.

And i also bought internet security with systemworks. So soon to have a software firewall. At the moment i have the one that comes on my Btopenworld connection.

Use my comp for gaming so quite a lot of new programs. But just the other day had huge clean out of stuff i didnt need.

  SEASHANTY 19:35 11 Aug 2004

The current edition of the PCA Magazine lists the
V-com System Suite 5 as a better buy than Norton.
Comparison of maintenance suites in Issue 110 Sept 2004.

  plsndrs3 19:44 11 Aug 2004

" just the other day had huge clean out of stuff i didnt need."

Were you having these problems before ? It might be that you have deleted a shared folder [something else left on the PC still needs it] and the system is playing up 'looking' for the deleted item?


  Squarehed 19:48 11 Aug 2004

I'm pretty sure i havent cleared anything like that out. Just loads of stuff i didnt use.

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