Norton Systemworks 2005 help........

  ShannockSid 17:08 06 Feb 2005

I’ve just got a new Mesh pc and (wisely?) decided to install Norton Systemworks 2005 to protect me from any nasties right at the start.

I’ve installed all the programmes and updated them, then installed GoBack. Next thing it said there was a newer version of GoBack, so I accepted it.

Now I can’t get Windows XP to boot at all and a blank screen greets me when I try.

The Symantec web site is helpful. IF you can start windows, but not if you can’t. Any help would be gratefully accepted. Please note I am a complete novice at XP, as I have never used it before, so please keep the replies on a simple level.

Many thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:15 06 Feb 2005

As the machine is new, why not boot with XP cd and reinstall windows from fresh.

Then get a free AV program - eg AVG or Avast.

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  ShannockSid 17:25 06 Feb 2005

Because it only came with a Mesh Recovery cd-rom and they have loads of warnings that it can only be used with specific instructions of Mesh Tech Support (which only seem to work M-F, 9-5)

  Diodorus Siculus 17:30 06 Feb 2005

[quote]it can only be used with specific instructions of Mesh Tech Support[/quote] - ok, I don't use Mesh so can't comment but would be surprised if this were the case... maybe someone can tell you what has to be done.

  ShannockSid 18:17 06 Feb 2005

I’m sure it’s just to stop finger happy users wrecking the system, but I don’t really want to upset Mesh, as the computer was only delivered on Friday.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 06 Feb 2005

Fair enough if you want to wait till Monday - hope you get it sorted.

  SANTOS7 19:46 06 Feb 2005

you may well find you have conflict between go-back (which is the most obtrusive piece of software i have ever come accross) and the system restore facility built into XP,when you do get your pc up and running leave go-back well alone ( of coarse this is only my opinion),good luck.....

  sattman 19:57 06 Feb 2005

Can you try booting into safe mode, when the system starts keep tapping F8.
From safe mode try either a system restore if you have a point to restore to.
Or uninstall Norton and Go back. report back any progress

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