Norton SystemWorks 2004 - Resource Hog

  Bargee 20:24 07 Jul 2004


My problem with this is similar to crisp1 back in April - with a difference!

Immediately after installation, I cannot run anything. before installation, resource meter showed System & User Resources at 68% free.

The only way I can get my PC up & running is to do an F8, command prompt(5), scanreg to restore a registry back up from pre-installation of NSW.

I have uninstalled all unwanted programs, manually uninstalled all Norton & run Norton Utilities from the CD to eliminate & fix as much as possible to get as clean a PC as possible in the hope that a fresh install of NSW will at least run.

NO CHANCE! Back to square 1 again. I have tried & explored eveything on the Symantec FAQs but no joy so I've passed my problem onto Tech Support.

However, I know I'll get a faster response from you guys while I'm waiting.


  Diodorus Siculus 20:27 07 Jul 2004

Do you really want NSW? What is on it that you find indispensible?

Try a clean install of windows then install NSW before anything else.

  Bargee 20:46 07 Jul 2004

Diodorus Siculus, what I'm looking for is answers, not questions.

My requirements for NSW & whether I find its utilities indespensible or not are irrelevant.

Please keep your obvious Anti-Norton opinions to yourself.

It is not helpful.

  shizzy 21:10 07 Jul 2004

Not very polite! Especially when needing help.

  Peter 21:20 07 Jul 2004


As shizzy comments "Not very polite!".

I think Diodorus Siculus question "Do you really want NSW? What is on it that you find indispensible?" to be quite relevant. I try not to install any software on my machine that I do not have a need for.

"Please keep your obvious Anti-Norton opinions to yourself." I don't think you can assume this to be true from DS's response.

Norton SystemWorks is quite a resource hog. When I installed it on my machine I changed most of its initial settings so that most of its components only ran when I specifically asked them to.


  Bargee 21:31 07 Jul 2004

What has my desire for NSW got to do with the problem? As I say, it IS irelevant!

At least Peter offered me something I can use if I can get the software to work.

I have an installation problem that takes my PC from 68& free to very low resources. I have never had any problem with NSW in any of its earlier versions.

Instead of panning me for getting a little uptight with inane postings not connected wuth my problem, I suggest that these "opinion" oriented postings are placed in the general discussion forum not the helproom.

Yeah, I'm frustrated because my PC is sick & I don't know how to fix it. I don't need trivia!

Is there anyone with practical advice out there?

  safemode 21:49 07 Jul 2004

why do pc newbies always think NSW is a good thing! advertising at it's best (or worst!).

anyway, bargee, you haven't given any details on your system.

operating system?
Any AV software running?

and has it worked ok before?

and if you moan about being asked these questions then your beyond help.

ps, why would you want NSW anyway? lol, just causes problems.

your obviously a bit bitter because you've just wasted £60 on it. gutted and it's understandable.

bit of respect for the techies on here wouldn't go a miss samosa, remember these people don't get paid for helping you and they definately have no obligation to help you.

quit the s**t and let's resolve your problem!

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