Norton System Works - says alls well.

  wee eddie 22:00 16 Jul 2003

But PC has started freezing on occasion. Sometimes the HDD won't start on Power-up.
HDD has been searching almost continuously since the PC was networked but is not often connected to it's paired laptop.

IBM Aptiva, K500, 256Mg Ram, W98se, MS Office XP & Publisher.

Current thought, is to restore and forget the Network facility.

Or buy a new HDD.

Or buy a new Unit

Lack of funds is a serious consideration as this Tourist Season is not looking so clever.

  King Diamond 00:18 17 Jul 2003

Just a few questions first...

How old is the HD?

What size is your HD?

Have you defragged/scandisked it?

What have you got running in the background?

Do you have any scheduled tasks setup eg updates or virus scans?

Just need a bit more background info. If your hard drive is grinding all the time, it's either damaged, fragmented or the system is not paging files correctly.

There could be a few explanations, so give as much detail as possible for a more accurate remedy.


  wee eddie 11:31 17 Jul 2003

King Diamond ... Thanks
Just a few questions first ... answers here
How old is the HD? - About 3+ years
What size is your HD? ? 10Gb, with only 3Gb of files on it.
Have you defragged/scandisked it? ? Regularly every week, in the last 3 weeks, it started showing increased fragmentation but no bad sectors.
What have you got running in the background? ? Norton System Works, MS Office Pro XP, Networked to laptop (but only connected about twice each week), Palm Hotsink (that?s the first to go ? Now including the Palm Software, I can always reload)
Do you have any scheduled tasks setup eg updates or virus scans? ? Yes both.
Just need a bit more background info. If your hard drive is grinding all the time, it's either damaged, fragmented or the system is not paging files correctly. ? Norton Defrag often fails, so run W98se?s in safe Mode. This gives you a diagram of your HDD as it Defragments ? No Bad sectors shown.

  wee eddie 11:34 17 Jul 2003

I copied your post into Word, answered and pasted it back.

I assumed it would come up as it went in.

Note to me: Don't assume ... I must remember to check my copy, twice.

  PA28 14:18 17 Jul 2003

Try to stop everything that you describe above from running in the background - you do have rather a lot and each is potential for a conflict. See if you still get problems. If all OK, then reintroduce one at a time (and be patient - run your machine for a few days at aech step - before reintroducing each item in turn). If Defrag often fails this is usually because of an action in the background writing or reading your drive - you should be able to defrag without resorting to safe mode except in an emergency. Norton should be able to defrag a disk of your size in a few minutes.

Now I love Norton. It keeps my PC in trim and is pretty good at software diagnostics and correction. But even I would not let it run in the background. Try shutting this out except for "on demand" exercises - ie you ask it to defrag, optimise your registry, etc., and never let it pick the answers for you without having a look at what it's proposing. It's good, very good, but it can and does make mistakes. It may be worth backtracking on errors that it's corrected, as it lets you do this easily.

  Gaz 25 17:13 17 Jul 2003

Networks do demand quite a lot as network traffic it is trying to send.

  Gaz 25 17:14 17 Jul 2003

For example when I am not even connected to the network, all other PC's may be off my server blimnks as though somethings accessing it.

  wee eddie 19:34 17 Jul 2003

I shall disable the network file sharing facility.

Also, only open Outlook when I need it.

Will post back results, if any, after the weekend.

  wee eddie 14:21 19 Jul 2003

Disabled MS Outlook > Tools > Send/Receive Settings, and all of Norton Utilities except the NAV from Start-up via 'msconfig'.

My HDD is almost quiescent now. So I shall now run a Soak Test to see if PA28 was on the right lines.

  wee eddie 12:02 21 Jul 2003

It wouldn't boot this morning.

After about 20 tries I took the cover off and pressed every cable in sight. It Booted!

I took a copy of everything, and closed it down. It failed to boot again. I got out my rubber hammer and gave it a tap (little to lose at this stage anyway) and a third one. It booted.

So here I am. I don't think I can load W98se to a new HDD from an IBM Recovery & Diagnostics Disk.

New HDD and copy of W98se. Might be the time to get a new office PC. What are my chances as a cack handed beginner. of effecting the installation and firing up of a new Hard Drive?

  wee eddie 20:18 23 Jul 2003

as it's working well.

Closing down of Network seems to have done the trick. It's constant searching has stopped. I may have set it up incorrectly, but lack of detailed knowledge means that I am in no position to judge.

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