Norton System Works Alternatives

  axelbrora 09:32 02 Feb 2006

There is a lot of debate and lenghty thread further down about Norton, so I thought I would start a new one and look at the altenatives.

I have used Norton for years with no problems and currently have Norton System Works 2003 installed. I have just recently paid around £40 for a further years updates to the Firewall and NAV, which I think is a rip off. I will certainly not pay this again.

I am about to set up a new computer and am debating whether or not to cut my losses now and not have problem of trying to uninstall Norton in about 11 months time.

Zone Alarm and Avast have been heavily recommended here as excellent combinations and alternatives, however there is much more to Norton System works than a firewall and antivirus programme. The one button check up is one feature which excellent and I use this regularily to correct system errors and keep things running sweet. There are also many other useful programmes included.

1. Are there also free alternatives to the utilities side of Norton?

2. Can I install System Works without the Firewall and NAV so that I have the use of the utility side without paying Norton for updates to NAV and NFW? I can then swith to the free recommended firewalls and AV programmes.

Comments appreciated.


  rawprawn 10:01 02 Feb 2006

click here Not free but an excellent program, and if you are with Barclays you can get a 30% discount. You can try it free for 30 days.

  SHUNNA 18:38 02 Feb 2006

I just use One Button check up and Goback from system Works 2003 without any problems, you even get the occaisional updates.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:58 02 Feb 2006

Ccleaner from.. click here and regscrubxp from click here will do all Norton does and IMHO, much better. Coupled with AVG and zonalarm and you have a great, free setup. I fail to see why home users need to pay for any security or tune-up progs........


  Belatucadrus 20:49 02 Feb 2006

Agree with GANDALF <|:-)> CCleaner and RegscrupXP or Tweaknow Regcleaner do a fine job. Over the past ten years or so I've been through a gamut of Fixit tools from assorted magazine disks and reckon them to be the most overrated bits of software in existence and I've removed all trace of them from my PCs.
But if you still want one click here here's PCPros thoughts on Systemworks and click here for a link to their preferred option.

  skidzy 21:10 02 Feb 2006

Handy piece of kit i use regular is as follows
click here
Ive used this now for about 2 years and never had a problem,trial version is good but only fixes 10 errors at a time,buy it ..and im sure you wont regret it.I bought it and will keep doing so.Also the disc cleaner is worth using on the site.I bet if you download it and run it,you will find so many errors that norton hasnt a clue about....I dont like norton and will never use it again...well the ultilities side of it.

  puma22 13:33 03 Feb 2006

Sorry to butt in on this thread but i am having exactly the same debate with myself as the norton runs out in about 3 weeks. Is it easy to disable just the unwanted parts e.g. anitvirus?


  stylehurst 14:16 03 Feb 2006

Like the author of this thread I havee used Norton Utilities since the days of Dos, when it really was Norton & not owned by Symantec.
At that time I also used Dr Solomans as an AV program, only changing to Norton AV when McAfee purchased & ruined Dr Solomans.
I also have become increasingly dissatisfied with Norton, especially the AV and have been looking for alternatives. I have some time before my subscription to Norton runs out, but here are my findings to date.
1. Norton AV will definitely be replaced but the choice is still between 3 AVG, BitDefender or Kapersky.
2. Norton Ulities part is easier; the One Button Check up now fails to find all the problems, and it is worthwhile installing multiple programs to pick up all the broken links; I favour a combination of jv16 Power Tools; cCleaner & Advanced Uninstaller.
Advanced Uninstaller & jv16 are also superb at picking up everything when uninstalling a program.
Advanced Uninstaller can compact the Registry, but I tend to prefer NTREGOPT.

The abouve are a mixture of free & pay for programs but all are reasonably priced.

  axelbrora 18:09 03 Feb 2006

Many thanks for the replies to date which have been very helpful.

Following extensive research over the past few days, decisions made so far are as follows:

The £40 I spent at the end of December for the Norton updates to the 2003 Firewall & Av was a total waste of money. There is however no point in running Norton for the next 11 months to try and get my "moneys worth" The money has gone and there are much better products out there for free.

AV - Avast is heavily recommended as the best free AV, and even better than Norton and McFee, by many magazines and forums including the Overclockers very knowledgeable regulars. I will install this on my new computer tonight.

Firewall - Sygate, heavily recommended has now been taken over by Symantech and discontinued, for obvious reasons! Zone Alarm has mixed reactions, some say crap and others say great. Windows XP built in firewall is very highly rated and recommended by some very knowledgeable people. Only criticism appears to be that it does not check outgoing nasties. If it stops them coming in and you do not generate any, most people see this as no problem. Makes sense to me! Activated and will use meantime.

Utilities - Jury is still out. I still like Norton's one button check up, disk doctor, speed disk, although SD is pretty slow these days, and various other bits.

I do not want to install a dozen different programmes to replace Norton Utilities. Further research required on utilities, which is not as urgent now that the AV and Firewall are decided.


  skidzy 20:48 03 Feb 2006

Hi Axel.....Ive read you are looking for a utility program,now ive used this for 2 years nearly and dumped norton systemworks a while ago.Ive never had a problems what so ever.You have nothing to lose,download the trial version run it,have a look and what it finds and make your mind up.If you decide to buy the full program,make sure you get the disc optimiser too as the price together works out better for your here

  woodchip 20:57 03 Feb 2006

I Have the Utilities on my 98se computer but do not let Norton run at start and only use Disc Doctor and Speed Disc

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