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  Jane doe 14:41 27 Mar 2003

Can you lads in here assist me please. We had a new computer deliverd yesterday. AMD 2200 with 1 gig 2700 DDR ram. It came with Win XP preinstalled and the ability to connect to internet for orders etc. The only other thing on it is Microsoft Office 2000. I was then given a copy of Norton Systemworks 2003 to put on as this will be used on the net. I have tried to do this but it is giving grief. First the antivirus would not work saying it was disabled and pointed me to the Symantes knowledge base with 2 error messages. I followed the instructions by removin reg keys etc then uninstalling it and reinsatlling it...3 times each time saying win installer encountered a problem and would close. At last it seemed to go on and work but the Norton Utilities speed disc is greyed out now and refuses to work. So I have spent this morning uninstalling it again and reinstalling but the speed disc option simply will not work. So I took the disc back to the suppliers thinking it was faulty who gave me another copy saying the 2003 verion is very unreliable compared to the 2002 version. So I have just uninstalled sysworks agin, rebooted and reinstalled and the same thing happens. Any idea whats wrong please???

  IZZY 17:51 27 Mar 2003

Jane doe, Hi.

Seems like you are having trouble with System Works and I really would like to be able to give you the solution to your problem.

However, there are too many possibilities for failures with installing Norton for me to be able to give you specific advice.

Unless you've already been to this page in their Support Site, I would suggest you have a look here

click here

You don't say if it's the Pro or Standard Edition but I don't think it matters given the problems you've described.

Just a wee word of comfort. Don't give up on NSW. Quite a few others who may respond to this thread will tell you to get rid of Norton. NSW is far and away the best suite of tools you can have despite what quite a few others on this site may think. The problems usually come when you've had to uninstall and reinstall. Files get corrupted in the process but a trawl through the Symantec Support Site will eventually provide the answer.

Good Luck and kind regards,


  leo49 17:56 27 Mar 2003

You do surprise me. Now I've lost the power of speech... :o)

  IZZY 17:57 27 Mar 2003

Jane doe,

Have a look also at this page..

click here

Lists a few of the possible causes for your problem.



  IZZY 17:59 27 Mar 2003

See, I told you, Jane doe!

Take it you don't rate Norton then, Leo49?


  leo49 18:02 27 Mar 2003

Of course I rate it - just not very highly......

Different strokes,eh?


  IZZY 18:15 27 Mar 2003

Jane doe...

This is really for Leo49.

I've been using Norton ever since I bought an Apple Mac some 6 years ago now and believe me I can't count the number of times it's got me out of a problem in one way or another.

Speed Disc and the Optimization Wizard are two tools I'd be lost without and I run Norton Win Doctor after every session on the comp. NAV runs weekly but Updates come automatically.

Without NSW it would be a bit like running my car without RAC or Green Flag.

I agree...Different Strokes...but I honestly do rate it.



  Jane doe 09:36 28 Mar 2003

Thanks lads. Problem still not solved though. Took computer back to suppliers last night, explained probs(just said I told you so, so they have had this prob many times before)Picked it up on way to work this morning and they have formatted disc and put Win XP back on along with office. But NOT Norton. There is nothing else on this machine at all. They say they will charge if Norton is put back on again and it goes wrong, which they say it will. But I need an antivirus and the system tools would be good, speed disc etc. I dont understand why Norton 2002 runs perfectly well on the other machines (mostly win 98) with no probs but this Norton 2003 is all problems. There helpline is expensive and less than useful they just tell you to uninstall. This has to be a common problem being as they need to put instructions on their site for so many failed installations. So Ive been told to chuck Norton in bin and find something else. Any ideas please? I know about AVG as I use it at home but what about the tools? Thanks.

  MichelleC 10:13 28 Mar 2003

I use NSW2003 and find it invaluable, so it's a shame you can't use it. All I can think is there's an xp issue. I don't know if it's worth setting up a dual boot with, say, 98 and plonking it there. I don't use xp, but isn't there an inbuilt firewall and av (which may conflict).

  Andsome 10:56 28 Mar 2003

I have never had any problems with Norton. However when my new computer was delivered on Jan 23rd, the first thing that I did was to disable the XP firewall before installing Norton. I honestly don't know if this is the answer or not, but I am perfectly happy with Norton SW and Personal firewall.

  Jane doe 08:43 29 Mar 2003

Thanks for input. I have been given the copy of NSW 2003 to use at home (seemed a shame to bin it)Boss put our old copy of Norton AV 2002 on the machine no problem at all. So I put NSW 2003 on my computer at home (Winxp) and now I have the same problem!!! The AV will not work just get error messages ponting me to the Symantec site? There has to be a conflict. So Im just reinstalling XP at the moment. Andsome how do you disable the built in firewall? Could this be the problem? This should not be this difficult. I have had no probs with my machine at all running AVG till I tried to put NSW2003 on. Jane

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