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  Silly Me 15:06 30 Jan 2008

My Norton anti-virus software 2005 is due for renewal in 8 days time. I was considering purchasing Norton 2008 instead of just renewing by 2005 version, as presumably it would be more up-to-date. Is this true? Also, have been advised that AVG is better and I see from some of your posts that it's free. I also have Spydoctor for which I pay. any advice on what's best and do I really need two? I'm no techie so please be kind (wording thieved from another 'poster').

  RobCharles1981 15:23 30 Jan 2008

No Need to pay when you can get the freebies:

Download and Run the Norton Removal Tool:

click here

And use either

AVG or Avast (Only One mind!)

Firwalls either Comodo or Zone Alarm.

and Some Antispyware for you to follow

Spyware Terminator
Spyware Blaster
Super Antispyware

All of which you can find on this site:

click here

  mfletch 15:23 30 Jan 2008


I use the free AVG Antivirus and in my opinion it is good {not the best but free}

click here

You must remove Norton before you install AVG,

You should use this removal tool,

click here


  sunny staines 15:26 30 Jan 2008

the majority of readers use AVG because its free or they have had problems with norton. i prefer norton moved to avg and returned to norton. the wife has nis2008 and its fast and does not slow the pc like earlier versions of norton.

  amonra 16:04 30 Jan 2008

It's a no brainer, Ditch the Norton and instal AVG.

  sunny staines 16:06 30 Jan 2008

AVG are doing the pro version free for 90 days trial. try it if not happy look at another or go back to norton.

  birdface 16:31 30 Jan 2008

I will go with the flow.AVG.But if you do decide that you want Norton shop around and you willget it cheaper.

  Clapton is God 16:37 30 Jan 2008

If you pay for any AV or anti-malware protection, your nickname is very apt.

  Clapton is God 17:12 30 Jan 2008

"the majority of readers use AVG"

Really? When was that poll done?

I don't use AVG. I use Avast - which is also free

  sunny staines 17:16 30 Jan 2008

a poll suggestion for pca perhaps. i think avg would win followed by avast and an unknown spread of the others.

  Totally-braindead 19:35 30 Jan 2008

I'm one of the people that had problems with Norton and moved to a freebie. I've been using AVG free for maybe 3 years and its kept me virus free.
If you do decide to keep Norton then I strongly recommend buying a newer version and not just renewing your 2005 version.
What happened to me was I like you was using an older version of Norton and was paying my subscription. A virus got in and mucked things up. Norton would not help. They told me that my version of Norton was no longer supported(it was about 2 - 3 years old) and because of this they would not help, I pointed out I was paying for support and they said no I was paying so I could download the updated virus definitions. I then pointed out that they had never told me that my version was no longer supported and they just repeated that I was not entitled to support.
My Norton would not remove the virus. I deleted Norton using the renewal tool and installed AVG and it did remove it right away no problem at all. Also my PC was rather old at the time and I noticed a bit of a boost in speed as Norton does tend to use a bit of resources.

Its up to you but I like my AVG and its free. Admitadly theres no support but in my case I didn't get any from Symantec either and AVG free has a free Forum and that together with this Forum provides all the support I need.

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