Norton SW2003 screw up!

  Brother 21:41 08 Jan 2004

Today I updated my NSW2003 followed by running speed disk (which I had not run before).
Immediately following none of my programmes ran properly, Word would not load neither would any other software. NSW2003 ran extremely slowly but the system check up eventually reported no faults.

As a Last resort I uninstalled both NSW and Personal Firewall. My computer then ran perfectly on all packages. I re-installed NSW but the system reverted to the situation that I had before, i.e. no operation of software and other responses extremely slow. Un-installing NSW returned functionality to the rest of the system. My Norton products together with the rest of the software were installed onto my new computer in July 2003 and I have not experienced a problem before. My operating system is Windows ME.

I have tried system restore but to no avail.

Please help as both my wife and I are disabled and currently studying at university/college and rely on the PC to do a great deal of work and communications.

  PA28 22:29 08 Jan 2004

Firstly - make sure that you've got backups of all your important data and photos, just in case. I have long been an advocate of Norton and it's got me out of many a hole, but once it really screwed me up as a result of one simple error that I made. I ran Speedisk on a FAT32 disk with XP installed - and I didn't read the warning that Norton gave me telling me not to use unless the disk was formatted to NTFS. What a mess that made of things, a totally unrecoverable mess I hasten to add. A reformat to NTFS and clean install of everything was the only way out.

In your case I would uninstall and reinstall Norton. Then disable all auto options so that you use Norton manually only. Then clear out any clutter and defrag your hard drive.

See what it's like then. But don't forget - backup first, just in case.....

  Gaz 25 23:19 08 Jan 2004

Oh, Norton again....

Eye Eye.

Read all the bad reports.

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