Norton suddenly keeps detecting new email virus

  joelmb 14:00 26 Mar 2004

I've been exceptionally lucky not to have received spam or viruses sent into my outlook inbox- up until today that is! I've now had four different messages automatically deleted by Norton, saying it contained the [email protected] virus. Has anyone else had this today? Why so sudden??

  Terrahawk 14:41 26 Mar 2004

netsky is a mass mailing worm that has its own smtp engine it will harvest adresses from the infected machines and then mail them. Unfortunatly this may not be the last you See from this little pest, but at least you are safe in the knowledge your AV is doing its job.

  GaT7 15:43 26 Mar 2004

I suggest you pre-check your e-mail BEFORE downloading them to your PC using programs like MailWasher click here, ePrompter click here or POP Peeper click here. Ever since I started using them about 6 months ago I haven't had a single e-mail virus. All the programs (mentioned above) let you preview your messages & you can delete dodgy messages directly off the server before it even reaches your PC.

  ventanas 16:42 26 Mar 2004

I think "has anyone else had this" is a bit of an understatement. 43 yesterday and so far 74 today. As Terrahawk says, this will go on for some time, and then the next version will appear. All senders addresses are spoofed. A right pain in the ****

  joelmb 23:28 26 Mar 2004

Yeah I know email viruses are nothing new, (74? blimey! and i'm complaining!) but I wondered why all of a sudden today they start?? ...Nothing whatsoever til now, then 7 in one day! I guess its someone with my email address has just had their machine infected by netsky today?

  gudgulf 23:59 26 Mar 2004

not just Netsky either---Bagle(or Beagle) is also making frequent appearances in my inbox---not once from anyone I know!!!!

my own Norton Av kills them so no worries really.

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