norton subscriptions

  preston 15:54 17 Jul 2004

my renewals for my antivirus and firewall are up for renewal. i got them as a bundled package, but i didnt install them at the same time.will i have to pay a subscription for each separatly or one as it was a bundled package.

  Daz35 16:23 17 Jul 2004

I could be wrong, but I don't think you have to subscribe for your firewall.

It's normally just the A/V that you need to update as more and more viruses etc come onto the net.

  palinka 16:29 17 Jul 2004

why not switch to a free AV such as AVG (regularly recommended in this forum). There are free firewalls too - look at previous discussions in this forum.

  chugby 16:55 17 Jul 2004

should have a subscription due date on
Norton AV/FW control panel.

  JYPX 18:59 17 Jul 2004

Preston, I renewed my Norton av in February (still not sure if that was a sensible decision) and found myself directed to a site in Ireland where Norton charged me about £23 with vat on top at the rate for Ireland (higher than the UK VAT rate). I got to thinking later that I have should have clicked "usa" at the buy option - I think it was about 20 dollars. Something to think about perhaps.

  scoopsowl 19:08 17 Jul 2004

I didn't renew my subscriptions which meant I didn't receive any a/v upgrades which led to me getting a virus!! I have now payed the fee, which was very easy to do. The upgrades came and the virus disappeared. I rest my case.

  Mister Splendid©® 19:11 17 Jul 2004

This works on 2003 versions and earlier, I don't know about 2004. completely uninstall all your Norton software and then reinstall it but do not register. When it is reinstalled you will have a new year of free updates. Symantec must know about this but they have not stopped it.

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