norton sstemworks 2004 2005

  stephen0205 14:58 28 Mar 2005

i got norton systemworks 2005 and 2004 it went in fine but since my pc was reformated it comes up retry ignore and cancel half way through i hit retry the same thing hapens and i hit ignore a million times and the same thing happens so i hit cancel and it stops installing any insites

  wednesday 13 15:21 28 Mar 2005

I'm not sure, but try re-installing norton systemworks.

  stephen0205 21:46 31 Mar 2005

wont install it wont go in it keeps coming up as cancel retry and ignore but it dosnt install it keeps bringing the box up

  wednesday 13 09:05 01 Apr 2005

click here then click on support to the right. see if your problem is there.

  wednesday 13 09:08 01 Apr 2005


  wednesday 13 09:08 01 Apr 2005


  Yoda Knight 09:10 01 Apr 2005

Sounds like a problem with reading the files... Is it on cd ?

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