Norton Speed Disk defrag madness

  Crane 15:30 20 Jul 2003

Speed Disk defrag seem to move files about in a crazy and inconsistent way. One day all the green stuff is at the top. The next day it moves all the mauve stuff to the top. It spends ages swapping all this stuff about. When the mauve stuff is on top the computer takes much longer to boot. When the green stuff is on top there is hardly any mauve stuff to be seen.
The only remaining fragmented files seem always to be related to the Windows XP Restore programme.

Question 1: Does Speed Disk sometimes think that the Restore files are the most used, so moves them to the top ... then sometimes changes its mind (if its got one?). I was going to ask Symantec, but they apparently charge 18GBP just to talk, so I thought I'd wait a bit before I rang them;-(

Question 2: If the answer to question one is `yes`, then should I disable the XP Restore programme or do something else?

Any ideas gratefully received!

  Steven135 15:56 20 Jul 2003

You could go to:

click here

and download the free version (this has nag screens but works as well as the full version) I bought the full version and it has been great just set it and forget about defragging for good.

  -pops- 15:56 20 Jul 2003

I'm not familiar with this particular defrag system but usually the colours denote whether the file is fragmented or not fragmented, whether it is movable or not. It isn't, I don't think, a colour sytem for file types. On Windows defragger it tells you what the colours mean, have a look if yours does.


  DieSse 16:08 20 Jul 2003

Or just use the Windows one - there's nothing wrong with it.

i have had no problem at all with speed disk misbehaving, are you sure that you are not telling it to do different things each time?

as diesse points out the modern versions of windows own defrag does the job well enough if you have xp. if you have been using both this could be the root of your problem.

  woodchip 16:43 20 Jul 2003

It's moving things about a lot because the system is being changed all the time, If you use restore and auto update and things like this, that's the problem. It?s not Speed Disc that?s the Problem

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