Norton Security 2005! - advice please

  plumbit 18:28 08 Feb 2007

I had a friend!! who installed Norton internet security 2005 on my computer (Running on windows ME). Now getting to grips with computers but obviously norton keep reminding me that I need to update my subscription.
Computer runs slowly, been told that Norton security adds to this problem.
My dilemma is this; do I
A. Update Norton - do I have to pay another fee? or is there a way to get round this?
B. Remove norton altogether, and get one of the free downloads I have been reading about on forums?

If the answer is B, what is the procedure, as I will not be protected while installing another security measure.

No doubt an easy answer, but to someone with very limited knowledge, seems all a bit confusing.

Very grateful for any advice. Need Step-by-step instructions if possible.

Many thanks in advance

  SB23 18:35 08 Feb 2007

Personally, I would go down the freebie route.

While still installed gather what freebies you need, save them where you can find them again, uninstall Norton, find your replacements and install.
That way you don't have to go anywhere near the internet without protection installed, then go back onto get any needed updates.

  SB23 18:39 08 Feb 2007

I use Avast, and Zonealarm for my main protection.

click here

click here

Both free to use and very good. If you go for Avast you do need to register.

  sunny staines 18:58 08 Feb 2007

why did he not install an upto date version?

  plumbit 19:09 08 Feb 2007

sunny staines - It was installed back end of 2005, not really used internet until recently, so was never a real problem.
Now using the computer/internet regularly but not confident enough to sort this problem out!
- we all have to start somewhere!

  Jake_027 20:31 08 Feb 2007

Download AVG or avast (your choice, but one or he other, not both)

Avast click here

AVG click here

Download the Norton removal tool
click here

(don't forget to use the Me, not the XP one)

Uninstall norton using control panel>add remove programs, then when that finishes run the removal tool.

Restart the PC and install AVG/Avast. Then connect and open avg/avast, and download the latest updates.

All done!

Don't forget to make sure you have all the ME updates available installed (click here)


  plumbit 21:11 08 Feb 2007

Thanks to you all for your replies. Will try to do this tomorrow, if I get stuck - I will be back!!! :)

  p;3 22:29 08 Feb 2007

good luck with uninstalling the norton;

you already have a link to avg

also useful scanner protection is

click here adaware

click here spybot

click here a squared;

all need fully updating if you take them on board;

  birdface 11:29 09 Feb 2007

I had Norton Internet Security 2005,Had nothing but problems with it,And deleted it,If you want to get rid of it completely you have to uninstall it in add remove, Then run the Norton removal tool that Jake_027 has supplied,I would run C Cleaner after it, Just to make sure it has all been deleted,I now use AVG Anti-Virus and its free.Now if you get rid of it ,you will need another Firewall ,I would reccomend Kerio Firewall,Its so easy to use,When downloading,Dot the simple button,And you are not bothered with pop ups wanting to know if you want to allow or deny programs,you get the full version for a month and then it reverts to the free version if you decide you dont want to pay for it,Dont even think of any of the others if you only have limited knowledge,This one runs itself.

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