Norton renewal

  one23 10:12 30 Jun 2004

My subscription is almost due for Norton AV/IS 2003. Is it best to renew 2003 via the symantic site or to buy a fresh 2004 upgrade version. I believe that I would have to uninstal 03 before a new version is installed ,are their any known problems associated with this?

  byfordr 10:19 30 Jun 2004

buy a new version click here cheaper than renewing via the symantec website (even with their discounts!)

There is a uninstall tool lurking somewhere on the symantec website. Can't remember the link but I'll have a dig around


  one23 10:35 30 Jun 2004

In my other duplicate post which I've closed, "the spires" mentioned that the 2005 version is now being tested. Any ideas when it is likely to be available?

  woodt 10:57 30 Jun 2004

If you must use Norton then getting the latest version probably best. There is an Uninstall utility on the CD. Browse for RNAV.

  end 11:03 30 Jun 2004

???are you running JUST Norton antivurus or a firewall with it?????

why?? becasue MY antivirus with Norton renews in Novemeber an am wondnering how much it WILL cost, as the site does not tell me, and MAY have a distributer who could be cheaper THAN the site......

BUT...???/what will have/ has changed IN the "protection" thing....why "change to another year", if you are receiving regular updates OF virus patterns, adn the thing is " doing what it should do".....

can anyone tell ME ( and the forum!!!)how much subscription renewal IS please?????? becasue I ahve not been able to find it!!!!!!

  Shas 11:10 30 Jun 2004

In February of this year, to renew just NAV 2000 it was £13.81 from their site.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:19 30 Jun 2004

Why not go with one of the free options: avast or AVG. I was a long time user of Symantec / Dr. Norton products (disk doctor was the first in 1992) and it took me a while to convert. But recently their product updates add very little value and free alternatives are available for every component in the System Works Suites. The only symantec product I now use is Norton Ghost which I find excellent.

  one23 11:26 30 Jun 2004

The only reason I've kept with Norton is the Live Updates , so when I am not here for a while I know that updates are done automatically.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:29 30 Jun 2004

Avast does that with no need for any user intervention, often more than once per day.

  end 11:31 30 Jun 2004

either I am " out of touch"...thats not outrageous is it or does the floor know otherwise???????

(MY"problem"; I ran with trendpcillin for years, then changed to a larger computer, with NO virus control on it..ummed and arrred about which TO " go for" and chose the Norton ( no one seemed to have heard OF Pcillin!!!!).....)

  Shas 11:36 30 Jun 2004

Agree with Diodorus Siculus about going for a free av in future - the only reason I paid for Norton renewal in February was because a neighbour was sorting something out on my machine for me and as he was giving of his time, I didn't want to waste it searching for an alternative. Also, as I wasn't on bb at that time, I didn't use this forum much then so didn't really know much about the freebies that existed.

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