Norton Personal Firewall and security alerts.

  Sapins 10:59 16 Feb 2004

I regularly get these alerts, usually for Backdoor/SubSeven Trojan horse blocked. My questions are, 1. are these alerts logged anywhere?( I only ever see one and as I am on a permanent broadband connection why do I not get notification of them all) 2. What are Trojan horses, are they something you have to "open" and what would happen if I did not have a firewall?



  Lozzy 11:09 16 Feb 2004

If you didn't have a firewall you get hit more often..

On Norton to view the logs open the firewall then click on Statistics then view Logs..

To ascertain what Backdoor/SubSeven Trojan horse are click here and click on Virus Definitions

  Lozzy 11:11 16 Feb 2004

One other thing, NEVER NEVER OPEN UP A VIRUS Backdoor seven and Trojans are Virus's they will demolish your computer. Make sure you have a good anti virus program installed and keep the NAV's up to date

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:20 16 Feb 2004

'Trojans are Virus's they will demolish your computer'...unlikely, they are mainly annoying, tales of 'demolishing' computers are apocryphal.

'If you didn't have a firewall you get hit more often..'...rubbish, the hits are always handshakes and NOT hackers.

'Backdoor/SubSeven'...chances of getting a sub7 are remote in extremis. It will NOT 'demolish' your computer.

Firewalls do not stop most trojans. They are easy to clean and cause littl damage more than annoyance.

Do not turn on the alerts and dump the logs. They are only logging handshakes and are a waste of space. Keep your AV up to date, refrain from opening anyhting that you are not sure of and Adaware may help. You can surf safely.


  Sapins 11:35 16 Feb 2004

Thanks for your responses Lozzy and GANDALF <|:-)>, I like a good argument :-)) seriously though how much space do these alerts take, maybe I'll just leave well alone and turn off the alerts and let it get on with it. I have always had Norton anti virus and I keep it up to date.

  Lozzy 11:42 16 Feb 2004

GANDALF is right in what he says, I guess I was just making sure you got the jist never open anything your unsure of.. No matter what anyone says, if you get infected by a virus weather its a mild one or a nasty its not nice and takes time to repair..

  Sapins 11:50 16 Feb 2004

Thanks again guys, will take care.

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