Norton personal firewall - any good?

  RamUK 18:02 23 Feb 2003

Are personal firwalls any good.

I have a Norton virus checker installed but I seem to be getting more and more of the instant messenger type pop up ads that I can't stop. I've tried taking IE security settings up to the highest level from Medium High but all that does is make surfing a nightmare.

The arrival of these pop ups has made me think I'm at risk so was wondering whether it was worth shelling out the £35 or so to get a firewall and whether it would help me with this issue even if I did.

I'm running XP on a Dell 2.5Ghz machine.

  Rayuk 18:09 23 Feb 2003

You can get Zone Alarm or Sygate free a Firewall should be a must for everyone.

  Leejg 18:09 23 Feb 2003

I've been using Norton Firewall and Norton anti-virus for about 10 months now and all seems Ok, but I don't think it stops pop up adds. I use "Pop Up stopper" from Panicware it seems to do the job and it's free.

  JoeC 18:12 23 Feb 2003
  obbit 18:22 23 Feb 2003

you would do better to save your money and download zonealarm firewall and avg anti-virus.

zonealarm click here

avg click here

they are free and are easy to install unlike norton which usually causes problems.
every day there are 3 or 4 threads on here by people having trouble with norton.

  Sketch 18:24 23 Feb 2003

I use Norton Firewall 2003 and it has the functionality of 'pop-stopping'... and thus far I've seen none!

Just last night my 56k driven system was attacked by a hacker in Norway. They were swiftly dealt with. How do I know that? Because it shows their IP address and then zooms around on this large world map and pin points their systems EXACT location!

Its all pretty scary really.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:38 23 Feb 2003

'Just last night my 56k driven system was attacked by a hacker in Norway'....this is highly unlikely especially on a 56k that has a different IP each time you log on. It was most likely a server or router based in Norway that was checking to see if your IP address was live and then updating to ensure that you can receive downloads. On a home system you ahve more chance of getting 6 numbers on the Lotto than being hacked. (see previous posts on hacking home computers)


  mikeyb59 19:11 23 Feb 2003

Agree with GANDALF <|:-)>. I use Sygate firewall and can't remember the last time it warned me of an incoming connection.

I believe that the chances of a home user getting "hacked" are somewhere between zero and no chance!

Relax and don't worry about it.

  accord 19:19 23 Feb 2003

NFW does stop pop up adds, its in the options, been using it for about 9 months and find that and NAV work superb together, they should do as they come from the same company.

  RamUK 20:15 23 Feb 2003

I think I've now got more questions than answers about which system to go for but thanks for trying to help people.

  Sketch 16:06 24 Feb 2003

...just today my system was attacked by a 'Hack-a-Tack Trojan'... residing in Morocco...

...but I suppose that was nothing to worry about too, Gandalf?!!


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