Norton and PCA

  Andsome 13:56 23 Apr 2009

I have just received an e mail from PCA. One of the products recommended in the e mail was Norton. Surely after all the complaints on this and other forums, PCA must be joking.

  MAJ 14:05 23 Apr 2009
  Andsome 14:09 23 Apr 2009

A mixed bag. With all the problems that I and others have had in the past, NEVER EVER AGAIN is my motto.

  babybell 15:13 23 Apr 2009

The new Norton is a huge improvement on previous versions. Its quicker, slicker and does not hog resources. You may not want to try it "ever again" but PCA are right so recommened 360 as a top class security suite. And this is from someone that hated Norton a few years ago!

  sunnystaines 17:15 23 Apr 2009

no longer sluggish, worth a free trial at least.

I use it on both pc's

  Forum Editor 17:27 23 Apr 2009

We don't joke about something as important as security, and if you check out our beta testing forum you'll see that there was a good deal of praise for the latest Norton 360 version.

Never say never.

  Strawballs 17:33 23 Apr 2009

I was of the same mind as you but sinse recieving my copy and installing on my daughters machine I find it less of a drain than the Kaspersky that she had on it before

  Strawballs 17:34 23 Apr 2009

oops since

  Woolwell 17:38 23 Apr 2009

I have Norton on my laptop (it came with the machine) and KIS on my desktop (got it for free). I consider them to be equally as good. Norton prompts more frequently for scans and browser checks.
I used to avoid Norton but the latest versions seem to be fine.

  tullie 17:55 23 Apr 2009

I would recommend Norton 360 to anyone.

  bjh 18:47 23 Apr 2009

I have had harsh words to say about Norton in the past few years, and have heavily recommended firstly PC Cillin, then more recently Kaspersky, as my favoured suite for a paid-for AV.

I took part in the beta trial here. I did not expect much. I was badly wrong.

The product is transformed. It is excellent. Without a doubt, I prefer Norton 360 v3 over Kapersky, McAfee and Trend PC Cillin. It is immensely impressive in speed, very simple to use, hogs few resources and... well, is a pleasure to use.

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