Norton or Mcafee which one

  MIKE. 20:37 14 Jan 2007

My neighbour runs a small one man band buisness from his home address and wants to buy a new laptop. He has asked me to find him a good deal and looking on the Dell web site they are offering Mcafee Security Centre free for 36 months or Norton Security 2006 which you have to pay for. I know Norton can slow PC's down but what is the difference between Mcafee and Norton and out of the two what is the best for all round security.

  Totally-braindead 20:44 14 Jan 2007

The best paid for anti virus in my opinion is NOD32.
I use AVG free and it does me fine but its not a business PC.
I suggest you get him to invest in an external hard drive as well and make regular backups in case something does go wrong.
I removed McAfee from someones computer last week and it speeded up substantionally using free anti virus.

  brundle 20:45 14 Jan 2007

Can't help you with comparisons of the two but I would go for Mcafee - rather than pay for an old version of Norton.
The 2007 version of Norton I tried out recently was much less of a resource hog than any previous versions by the way.

  MIKE. 20:50 14 Jan 2007

Thanks folks the problem recomending anything to people is the see the word Norton or Mcafee and assume if you pay for it it must be good. I am the same as Totally-braindead use AVG and an external Hard drive. Thanks Totally-braindead and brundle for your input.I will go away and ponder.

  john-232317 20:54 14 Jan 2007

I use AVG too, always reliable. You could pay loads, but remember nothing is infallible.

  Totally-braindead 20:58 14 Jan 2007

I haven't use NOD32 myself its just it gets such good reviews and there are a few on the Forum who use it. I have heard the new Norton is not as resource hungry as the previous versions but NOD32 is meant to be about the best out there and I'm biased as I had problems with Norton.

  MIKE. 21:08 14 Jan 2007

I have heard of NOD32 before not given it much thought though. I would like to know is it more of a techie thing or can home users (eg non PC joe public) use it without problems.

  cocteau48 21:08 14 Jan 2007

Machine came with 90 days free McAfee so I bought the complete security suite for the next year.
Big mistake:Overbloated ,slowed down startup times terribly,and endless tech problems like losing active X controls and requiring complete re-installs.
As soon as the year was up I went with AVG and Zonealarm - no problems at all!!

  MIKE. 21:13 14 Jan 2007

It does seem to me me the main well known anti virus programmes are some what overbloated and not always user friendly. I am sure this gives cause for concern for my neighbour and I am equaly convinced other people too.

  skidzy 21:15 14 Jan 2007

Bought a new laptop from Dell around 8 months ago,this came with 15 months of Mcafee.
This did cause a few problems,especially the email and anti spam protection.
I removed this and as usual settled for AVG free antivirus and Zonealarm Firewall then added a couple of antispyware programs and all is absolutely fine now.

I used Norton a few years back and still to this day i am removing it from systems.

Personally,i would never have Norton on any of my systems again...ever !

  MIKE. 21:20 14 Jan 2007

skidzy I feel the same as you I foolishly installed Norton on my home made system. When I first loaded it all seemed well but my machine seemed to get slower and slower as time wore on and as you implied a real nightmare to get rid off. I personally would never use Norton but listening to other folks advice is a reasurance to me.Thanks again.

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