Norton Live Update LU 1814 - Get me out of here!

  JoshC 14:04 03 May 2007

If anyone can help - tearing hair out...

Got ! (exclamation)symbol on Liveupdate icon in system tray (bottom of desktop screen). Clicked on it - up comes Norton window telling me something needs attention prompting 'Fix Now'.

Click that and I get a window stating protection updates out of date (I have 231 days subscription remaining). Click NEXT and list of products installed appears: Checkit/Firewall/Live Update/Antivirus/Internet Worm Protection etc.

Click NEXT and up comes the horizontal line with little green blocks - THEN Norton Protection Center window error LU 1814 "Live update could not retrieve the update list, please verify you are able to connect to internet and run Live Update again..." The only action option was 'Finish'. !!

I found in this forum a tip and put 'Norton Live Update 1814' into Google and bingo - up came instructions from Symantec to cure problem. I followed them to a 'T', and changed nothing. At the bottom of the Symantec instructions is a link highlighted "What if this didn't work? I clicked on that and up comes a country list with no further instructions or info. I click on UK, and I get the 'This page not available, we all know and love so fact I got that regardless of which country I selected.

Can anyone help? As Live update has worked automatically thus far with no problems I fear something has got into computer to cause this malfunction that seems self-protecting. And can anyone direct me to a means of contact with Symantec, or is that not possible?
Many thanks,


  The Brigadier 18:35 03 May 2007

Go to click here and click on the product you have.

  J B 20:35 03 May 2007

The Brigadier is right. The very same thing happened to me and the live update module was out of date. Just follow the instructions that Symantec give you, and you will get a new version of live update. J.B.

  JoshC 22:20 03 May 2007

Thanks Brigadier and JB, just one snag, every external link (if it is ok to call them that) results in the classic 'This Page Not Available..', which just happened with the 'click here' link on Brigadier's posting. Any suggestions?

  1smurff 23:04 03 May 2007

had a few probs. with norton, you can e-mail them from their site page ,have had good response and help from them within a day.Concerning no availability i've found that either the date/year was wrong on computer

  squillary 02:34 04 May 2007

I had something similar on one machine and managed to sort it on my own. I believe the Live Update error LU1814 is simply related to the fact that it thinks your subscription has run out - obviously you can't update any more in that case.

It sounds like you have NiS2007. If you know your Norton Account details log on and confirm Symantec agree you have an oustanding subscription. Then, click here and chose "Feature updates for 2006 Norton Customers" (even if you aren't updating). Grab a new download of NIS2007 and when it finally comes down it'll ask you to activate it. Do so. If it enters your account automatically then all's well. If it doesn't and asks if you want to register, log into your Norton Account and all seemed to come right for me.

Don't forget to re-grab the Add-on Pack after as well as it seems to get uninstalled in the "upgrade".

Hope it's sorted soon. There does seem to be a quirky problem knocking around right now.

  J B 07:30 04 May 2007

I just tried the link Brigadier provided and it worked although slowly. I went thru a check of my NIS 2007 and it worked. Before emailing Symantec try the link again and be patient. If it does the same thing again then email. Hope you get it sorted. J.B.

  JoshC 10:31 04 May 2007

Thanks to all those who have replied to this increasingly worrying dilemma - as you will have gathered I am no expert. Having said that, I have had Norton products for 6 years and never seen anything like this.

My computer now shows the Norton System tray symbol with a big fat red X on it, which I gather must mean it is totally non-functioning now.

I have followed all advice, except for one irresolvable problem - when I click on any of the provided links I get an instant reply of "This Page Cannot Be Displayed..." with all the following stuff about the site I want may be having technical difficulties, and checking internet connections, which are obviously just fine or I would not be able to post this.

More worrying though, is that following comments from 1 Smurff and Squillary and JB I tried Brigadiers link again - same result (Cannot be displayed), then went onto Symantecs site, and (eventually) tracked down their tech support email, clicked on it, and got the instant "This page cannot be displayed..."

It is as if my computer is locked out from Symantec and I am baffled and very concerned as I have an awful lot of work on my computer. Any last suggestions?

  1smurff 16:01 04 May 2007

you've probably got the t/phone number for technical support[44[0]02076165813]
cost at£5'95 per incident. their site suggests you turn off their firewall and try again,another option is to uninstall norton,not a pleasent experience but since i uninstalled it my computer now works faster and with a lot less hassle

  anchor 16:42 04 May 2007

Any help?

Error: "LU1814: LiveUpdate could not retrieve the update list"

click here

  JoshC 20:26 04 May 2007

Smurff and Anchor, thanks, have tried the link provided by anchor - followe precisely the prcedure and ended up with no progress. Uninstalled everything Norton with their own removal tool, then reinstalled antivirus (lost Systemworks - couldn't find envelope with code number), and no change. Guess I will have to pay the price and call their tech line - cute extortion racket really is it not...?

Don't know how to find let alone turn off firewall - any advice gratefully received...

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