Norton? Is it really all it is hyped up to be?

  Andy1991 22:06 21 Nov 2007

Why does Norton seem so popular, there many negative points \ reviews on it, by websites and all friends, so y?
its meant to be high in detection ratews, but it nothing secial, and is known for causing lots of problems and causing system slow down.

  Demora 22:09 21 Nov 2007

It used to be good. BUT now there are equally good freeware programmes out there and not as bloated.

I have removed it from 4 pre-installed laptops over the last 5 years.


  mammak 22:18 21 Nov 2007

loads of free AVs out there! Avast to name one

Norton in my opinion (and quote IN MY opinion so as to not start any Norton arguments ouch)is resource hungry it is known to slow down your system although some versions have been known to be OK not sure what ones though as I always uninstall any pre loaded versions which seem to come on a lot of computer systems these days.

  shellship 22:34 21 Nov 2007

Yes it does hog resources but my wife and I have been using it and its various upgrades for yonks and we have never had any nasty problems.

  FatboySlim71 22:44 21 Nov 2007

I agree. You can get equally or better protection than Norton. Norton is resource hungry IMO.

I can remember it coming pre installed on my first PC with a 3 month trial, I did not renew my subscription and I have used other products which have been either free or paid for since then.

My current favorites are Zone Alarm Free (firewall) and NOD 32 anti virus V 3.0.563.

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  birdface 22:46 21 Nov 2007

I really don't think it is that popular its just hard to buy a Computer nowadays without Norton Pre-installed,Some like it some don't.I personally dont like it.But like Demora says there is plenty of freebies about.

  DieSse 00:15 22 Nov 2007

Freebie AV programs are all well and good - I have had two friends replace AVG free with NOD32 - both were frankly surprised by how much more responsive their systems were - one actually said "amazing".

I'm using the new eset (NOD) security suite and am very pleased with its performance.

  Migwell 00:18 22 Nov 2007

My first condition if and when buying a new computer is for the supplier to un-install any Norton program, or they loose a sale before they start!

Any computer that I buy or own is the LAST place that you will ever find NORTON installed. That is for all the reasons given above.

  Migwell 00:25 22 Nov 2007

The question, why is Norton so popular? Because P C World, push it at you all the time and people fall for it! Also other manufacturers stick it on their machines as a trial ( must get a consideration from Norton etc. and then people are brain washed into thinking they can't do with out it and pay up after the free period.

  sunny staines 01:59 22 Nov 2007

I still use it, had a few problems with it tried AVG and AVAST plus a few firewalls and gone back to norton. not saying its any better just prefer it there is always a half price offer somewhere if you shop around. symantec announced big losses recently may be due to the uptake of free programs.

  Switcher 08:00 22 Nov 2007

In my opinion:- The first thing to do with any PC running Norton is to make it walk the plank same for McAfee both cause more trouble than they are worth

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