Norton Internet Security - Slow Startup

  jaycup 22:34 21 Feb 2005

Since installing the 2005 version a few days ago my boot up time to a full desktop has stretched from 1 minute (Norton 2004) to 4 minutes now. I get the 'welcome' music quickly enough but the it takes forever to load the services and start up items of which apart from I.S. there are only five. I have just un-installed the software and my system was fully booted in 45 seconds. I have tried to get an answer on the Symantec web-site but to no avail. I am running Windows XP Pro. Has anyone come across this problem or seen any reference to it, I tried Google but never got anywhere with this either. The one thing I did notice that when installing my 'Start-Up Monitor' program highlighted the fact that Norton requested about six services to run at start-up could this be the problem and if so would I benefit by changing these from 'automatic' to manual in System Services.

  VoG II 22:37 21 Feb 2005
  jaycup 23:02 21 Feb 2005

Thanks for the link, not exactly 'bedtime-reading' but very informative. I will struggle on and try to resolve my Norton problem but I cannot live with a four minute boot up so in the end I may have to write it off and load AVG.
By the way I do agree with all that has been said re uninstalling Norton it is a nightmare and so messy.

  Furthark 19:28 22 Feb 2005

jaycup. You are not alone! Since installing Nortons 2005, my computer also takes more time to start, I don't think we can put it down to anything but the program.

  Celery is very stringy 22:03 28 Feb 2005

Me too, slow as hell to startup

  Tog_ 23:45 28 Feb 2005

Is there an option/schedule to do a scan at startup?

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