Norton Internet security problems/settings

  Murghalador 16:24 23 Jul 2007

I have been unable to connect to the windows update site or to symantecs site. Eventually I turned off Norton internet security for 30 minutes and could hten connect to both sites.
Can someone please advise why this is happening? I haven't changed any of the settings in Norton but about 3 weeks ago I started having slow performance when connected to the internet and being unable to reach some sites.
I run XP SP2 and IE6 ( uninstalled IE7 because of slowness)

  birdface 16:52 23 Jul 2007

Turn off Microsoft automatic up-dates and see if your computer works any faster,And open Taskmanager, Processes. and see if there is any program using up your Cpu.System Idle process should be showing about 97% and all the rest the remaining 3% between them.Now unfortunately everytime I hear of someone with problems and they have Norton Installed.I automatically think,Well thats the problem,If you cant get it fixed as a last resort,Delete Norton i/s .Run Norton removal Tool, Then run C Cleaner, Then reinstall Norton.But just do that if everything else fails.

  brundle 18:16 23 Jul 2007

try click here
Don't turn off automatic updates except as a last resort.

Try Dialafix to tackle many update and secure site issues; click here

Disconnect from the net and disable Norton while Dialafix is running.

This can also be an issue with incorrect MTU size in your router or TCP/IP settings; sometimes your own PC, sometimes a server your information is routed through on its way across the 'net.

  mfletch 18:44 23 Jul 2007

Hi Make sure that Windows firewall is turned off if you are using Norton's firewall they will conflict with each other.


  Murghalador 17:24 24 Jul 2007

Thank you all for your replies.
To cut a long story short I contacted Norton and they suggested I download the 2007 update. I did this and after installation I did a scan. This found some tracker cookies which the previous version hadn't. I don't suppose it caused the problem though.
Anyway, my PC is back to it's old self and I can connect to windows update without having to disable Norton.
And guese what, I have switched off automatic updates!

Once again thanks for your time

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