Norton Internet Security Prob.

  Legslip 22:14 09 Dec 2004

Have just purchased Nort. Int. Sec 2005 x 2 for two PC's. After loading I run 'Liveupdate' and they then download updates until they hit a download of about 20mb. They then keep reporting that further updates are required but keep downloading this same file. Basically I cannot get to the end of 'Liveupdate'! Any ideas?
PC's run Win XP Home & Pro with SP2.

  GaT7 22:47 09 Dec 2004

I've found LiveUpdate not very intelligent as it doesn't download the updates in the order they need to be installed, especially just after a fresh NIS install. Try downloading a FEW updates at a time - untick the ones to download the next time(s) - it's a bit of a trial & error exercise but you should get there in the end! REBOOT your PCs after each 'mini' update. Leave the biggest one (I think the URL update) for last.

If the above doesn't help then
click here & click on 'free online support', fill in the necessary fields, add a description, etc & click on 'submit your question' (at the bottom). From personal experience they usually reply in 1-3 working days. Make sure to enter a valid email address & be as articulate as you can. Let's know how you get on. Good luck, G

  Legslip 23:04 09 Dec 2004

Thanks Crossbow,
Have carried out the second part of your suggestion.
What bugs me is that Joe public buy these products and expect them to work and generally have no knowledge on how to resolve issues, nor should they. Buyers should not have to spend time doing so as I have done. If I could charge Symantec for my time I b....y would. They sell the product but a 3 day response to problems is appalling and as for a telephone response, forget it!

  GaT7 00:10 10 Dec 2004

Agree with you completely, Legslip. Been using NIS2003 the last couple of years - subscription ends in a week - thank goodness : )) I've had to uninstall/reinstall it about 10-15 times AND download updates each time on standard dialup! Going to ditch it for the very capable FREE alternatives often recommended on this forum. Symantec support can be patchy at best - I didn't suggest for you to 'be as articulate as you can' for no good reason! But they do get it right on ocassion - click here - so don't lose hope or your rag just yet. G

  Legslip 09:13 11 Dec 2004

Sorry Crossbow, as I get a bit older my fuse gets a bit shorter! Have contacted Symantec vie their web pages and they have e-mailed me and told me that they are aware of the problem and basically that I should check out Liveupdate occasionally to see if it has been fixed.
I have e=mailed them back and told them:
1 They should announce the problem via their web pages, not leave it to customers to find out.
2 They should tell us when it has been fixed, not agian leave it for us to find out.

No response from them yet!

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