Norton Internet Security Installation advice

  highside 16:42 19 Mar 2013

Am I going wrong somewhere? I have had Norton Internet Security for years, this year my automatic subscription they tell me is £51. Whats the point when it is being sold on the net by all sorts of people for half that? If I buy from an independent or auction site is there a catch and can I remove or write over my present installed copy with the new one? Thanks for advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 19 Mar 2013

Yes that's a rip off

you could even buy it cheaper from PC world :0) and uninsta;; old version using the uninstall tool from the site and reinstall the new

  sunnystaines 16:48 19 Mar 2013

i always shop around each year wh smith doing a good deal i think it was around £24 but PCW and novatec worth a look too they often do similar deals.

  highside 15:41 20 Mar 2013

Thats interesting but how would it affect my present account with Norton especially as it would be the same email address. Doesnt look easy to remove a Norton account (ie the associated account not the program itself)

  iscanut 16:19 20 Mar 2013

Use the Norton uninstall software to remove current version and then buy a new version at half the price ! Do not choose automatic renewal !

  highside 07:40 08 Apr 2013

Thanks to all, sorted

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